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  1. JayZ04000718 says:

    @Ubertubergoober Indeed I totally agree with you.

  2. Ubertubergoober says:

    Humanity, as individuals and as a civilization, is not yet suited for contact with extra-terrestrial life, not because we would panic and riot, but because of the widespread hatred and bigotry we have for ourselves. If they were spying and plotting they could probably hide better, which could mean they’re here to make peaceful contact but may not want to assume a method of communication without first desensitizing us to their presence and studying our reactions.

  3. tchernobylfukushima says:

    @danbenkert He’s not just a guy who pretends he took the picture. He was the author of the picture and was already known as such by many ufo investigators since 1990. Besides he doesn’t question the reality of the sightings (neither do I). He just admitted he made a bad joke based on the thousands testimonies of the time. Later on, he was naive enough to lend the picture for analysis. He never saw it again and never received any money for copyrighting…

  4. i8hy6e3 says:

    I dont want to work at all but I want to meet aliens and live with them forever. or I want to work for ufo stuff. fuck all of you. all of you are bullshits and liars. I am the person who has no family. I just want to leave this planet.

  5. i8hy6e3 says:

    I beileve ufo stuff but I don’t believe a human on this planet except my family. fuck all of you.

  6. bluethndr says:

    @bennymutant Hey, I got something for you. Remember 9-11? There are Cameras everyone around the pentagon, from the Dept. of the Highways and near by hotel and gas stations. But we have yet to find 1 video of seeing the impact of the Plane that supposidly hit the Pentagon. All we have are 3 frames of explosions. No Aircraft. Now ask yourself how is that possible? Then again ask yourself, could it just be the same thing happened to the people’s in Arizona?

  7. danbenkert says:

    @tchernobylfukushima Wow I just looked into it theres an English translation of the video your speaking of and your right a guy claims to have hoaxed it. He didnt show any evidence of the hoax. The model would had been good enough or original film. Oh well still he copied it from accounts that thousands had made. Its a TR-3B and american alien reverse engineered propulsion system known as the MFD.

  8. danbenkert says:

    @tompark15 i think the History channel will it was nice to see more than 5 minutes spent on each case. This leaves the door open for them to do more 2 hour series on just 4 cases or so. Got to the History channels site and give them your thoughts and they will grant our wish my friend and show us more detailed analysis of more sightings my friend.

  9. danbenkert says:

    Great Video Thank You so so so much for posting!!! The History channel did a very nice job on this video. I hope there is more to come.!! Thanks once again to

  10. pigeonpsycho says:

    @bigben123jp1 you have your $400 camera on you at all times? no? don’t be dumb

  11. tompark15 says:

    Very surprised they didn’t talk about the different sitings in China which were amazing as well as the Mexican Air Force incident that was officially released worldwide by the Mexican Military, but was ignored by the FAA as all UFO sitings. People need to demand answers and that’s the only way to get the truth out of our government. I heard that France, Britain, Brazil, India, and Mexico are groing frustrated at the US’s stance and want to release everything together soon.

  12. bigben123jp1 says:

    These days we all have cameras with nightvision. Why no one have a clear shot of it. I mean, I can take pictures of the moon with my $400 camera and see the craters very nicely. Where is the tecnology when it comes to UFO?

  13. walkenlarkin says:

    Thanks SOOOOO much for posting this up! Just saw it last night on TV, and it’s one of the best shows on UFOs that I’ve ever seen. Very well presented, both visually, footage-wise, and the interviews with the players from the actual time the sightings occurred. I’m looking forward to watching it again, and your video is such good quality too. THANKS again!

  14. AstronomyGuru84 says:

    Do you think there is intelligent life in the universe?
    – Yes.
    – Why don’t they connect with us?
    – Because they are intelligent.

  15. AVIATIO says:

    It is the 5% of these UFO-sightings which show to all that ALIENS ARE HERE.

  16. BladeRunner31415 says:

    Great Documentary !

  17. and1596 says:

    swamp gas lmao ain’t a such thing if ufo and aliens ain’t real then swamp gas ain’t ether, by the way the the fuck is swamp gay never seen it

  18. bennymutant says:

    Look people, I WANT to believe. But I can’t believe no one took proper, convincing photos or video of the Phoenix lights incident. It was 1997, not 1980. I know digital/cell-phone cameras weren’t in public existance at the time, but I doubt that the good folks of Arizona were too poor to own a 35mm or a cam-corder.

    As for Fife Symington? Well, if ur time in public office was long expired and u were stuggling to pay ur golf-club fees…..

    Wouldn’t u try and make a few bucks off this too???

  19. muchohumpty says:

    Aliens may exist somewhhere but that doesnt mean they can travel vast distances through space to come to earth

  20. muchohumpty says:

    ETs VISITING EARTH & ET life in the Universe ARENT THE SAME

  21. muchohumpty says:

    @goin4ad8go Not being alone in the universe doenst mean Aliens are visiting Earth or our solar system

    Common misguided statement & it needs to stop. Aliens may be somewhere ib the universe but they arent here

  22. droid4D says:

    The bible was an interpretation and i believe the angels they depict in the bible are extraterrestrials they saw!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  23. droid4D says:

    I still cant believe til this day people believe that bullshit Bible i mean come on are that stupid or what i just dont get people

  24. harrymobleyjr says:

    if they had really done any research, they’d also be showing these :

    youtube is not allowing me to post the link.. so google
    “reality101 evolution of the ufo”

  25. jastiksk8crw says:

    FALSE ALIEN INVASION Don’t fall for this great deception, these aliens aren’t what you’ve been conditioned to believe. This is propaganda, aimed to deceive you. Alien hate you…they’re not what you think. They’re not from space, they’re from this planet, the technology is real, humans fly the aircraft, as well as these abominations known widely as space aliens. May God be with you all, amen.

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