Russian Roswell crashed ufo & alien recovered – part4/4

This is about supposedly a ufo and badly decomposed alien that was recovered Secret KGB UFO Files some Released
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  1. filipinofighter1 says:

    I believe with all this shit because I already cook an alien. in fact, i even put soy sauce to make it delicious food :-)

  2. VendPrekmurec says:

    @cornigraphic omg so aliens are greeks!

  3. ChopMax2 says:

    @mobiusbandwidth I’m pretty sure that the three deaths/executions were all done in an attemt at secrecy. You can’t really argue that the soviets at that time would have a problem with killing to keep info safe.

  4. ChopMax2 says:

    Why would an alien body be in any craft? It would take countless years for a being to reach earth at lightspeed. Humans have sent spaceships to other planets but they are no manned. Why would aliens be any different?

  5. woolspnr51 says:

    what bothered me was the way the dirt was “pushed up” against the edge of the disc.seems it would hav been displaced outwards. also, what about the broken trees in the landing path…i saw only one…hmmm

  6. MobiusBandwidth says:

    3 death certificates from 1969 all claiming the same odd cause of death don’t really prove much, the KGB might have had some reason to want to take them out, and could have put whatever cause of death they wanted on the death certificates. I still don’t buy that the woman in the lab’s hairstyle was from 1969 Soviet Russia.

  7. checksummedchest says:

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  8. MrCleanandWhite says:

    Its amazing that the governments have this information and keep it hidden from us, however…on a another note, there are so many idiots out there that are so brain washed from watching television that they would fail to connect with real…reality

    Those are the idiots that thump their bible and believe that we are the top of the hill

  9. benthejrporter says:

    Interesting. Thanks. A question I’d ask is: If the crash footage is just a training excersise then why were the Red Army training to attend the crashes of saucer-shaped air or spacecraft?

  10. doneverest88 says:

    thanks for the upload.

  11. mrcoolwhip1 says:

    KGB mad scientists use to put 2 heads on 1 dog and it would live, not for long but it worked, the second dog head would even eat and drink…They did many crazy science experiments.

  12. KingofStarfox says:

    and a brain is a brain …. you don’t have one.

  13. yodasprite says:

    Some of you are just stupid, even if it was real and someone did manage to leak it we would all be sitting here saying fake, fake. I personally think it’s the most geniune footage I have ever seen.

  14. soulfly2007fk says:

    OH GOD WHEN WILL THE TRUTH COME OUT????????…………show this to obama……he may take the decisions .someone plz ask to obama abt the AREA 51,AREA S4,BOB LAZAR TRUTH AND ROSWELL INCIDENT………..and RE INVESTIGATE AND OPEN THE CASES that was closed…….LET THE TRUTH COME OUT !!!!!…i am sure that the remains of UFO is taken to area 51…the govt want to hide it from us..

  15. richworldr4 says:

    mayb them aliens can piss off go get there own planets frigginspacesmegs

  16. PCP68 says:


  17. girltk09 says:

    I believe this, they just proved it. We have a privilege to see this first of all so you idiots who say this isn’t proof should prove YOURselves that it isn’t..

  18. reksub10 says:

    the dogon tribe of africa who predate the egyptions also know that the syrius star system was a binary system a fact that wasnt proved till the 1970’s and they claimed decendece from gods from that region and they have art as well depicting the craft there”gods2 arivved in

  19. cornigraphic says:

    based on a recent discovery I have found that they have greek writings… and greek writings were used in atlantis. and where is atlantis.. gone has anyone traveled to the depths of the ocean? no, maybe the aliens are closer than we think… but if you also date back there are “flying saucers” in several paintings around the bible days… and look at Egypt… why would they be making pyramids that match certain stars in the sky… maybe the aliens are just trying to co-exist with us.

  20. makellaro says:

    chiss√† se √® una montatura….

  21. nekad2000 says:

    I am a skeptic and have always found UFO’s and these huminoid aliens laughable, but I have to say, this film is intriguing. All of the pieces that seem to fit together; for instance finding an ex-KGB agent that has essentially gone into hiding, asking him about the tape, and having him verify it. Compelling stuff, I have to say.

  22. mugwamp4 says:

    yes proof is proof ,,,,this is’nt

  23. mugwamp4 says:

    well yes they are,,,, the producers of this crappshit

  24. DVAFP says:

    no one is asking you to believe in anything

  25. 13AJJONES says:


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