Russian Roswell | Amazing UFO Crash Site Video

A UFO crash site allegedly filmed by the Russian KGB in March of 1969 in the Sverdlovsk region of Russia. The footage was later obtained by documentary filmmakers who then published the movie, “The Secret KGB UFO Files” A film expert noted in the documentary that the film came in an old Soviet film can and the numbers on the films header matched the cans they came in. The header of the film has the crest of the KGB on it and the term for TOP SECRET. An autopsy of the alleged pilot of the UFO is seen in the documentary film. Soviet doctors examine the burned torso of the entity and it is revealed that the three doctors died one week later all from cerebral hemorrhages. Death certificates are presented as proof. Several KGB documents are produced to prove the film is authentic. Some have put forth the argument that an American Production crew filmed the footage in March 1998. These claims are put forth on web sites claiming to know the truth about this footage. To date they have failed to show even one current photo of any of the soldiers in the film nor any statements from the actors that they were indeed only actors in this film. This should be easy to obtain if the footage was recently filmed. Another theory suggests the film was a training exercise. Yet no one has produced witnesses verifying this claim. There is mounting evidence of a very serious extraterrestrial reality now facing mankind. Visit to stay updated on the latest news & video footage from
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  1. vayden12 says:

    Have you ever seen another film from 1969 that was filmed in what appeared to be HD??? UFO Channel upgraded services recently!

  2. ohjinbushi says:

    The soldiers were all very photogenic. It seems like the ufo was an afterthought. If I were the cameraman, I would be filming every aspect of the “craft”, not the soldiers.

  3. nolifemerc says:

    @elmanatiero lol yes why

  4. longhornsforever21 says:

    In Russia, there is no sound.

  5. TheRiber123 says:

    thanks for wasting 3 min of my life

  6. ZaicheLigarcho says:

    This´╗┐ is the CAP(COVER) of rocket SILO or another kind of underground facility. Look 2:51 you see bottom right what is the thickness of this cover – about 30 cm. On it visible lattice, which serves as ventilation. Even if the movie is not fake, this cover may end up there after an explosion in an underground facility. Nothing unusual. UFO believers are SO STUPID – that even the obvious things – are difficult to assimilate from their FANATIC “BRIAN”.

  7. tbriana01 says:

    Not the sharpest knife in the drawer are ya, buddy?

  8. gypsydog100 says:

    @billgroovey I have to agree, at least a b grade movie has sound,
    This film is no proof of anything, why post it here?

  9. billgroovey says:

    what B movie is this from?

  10. damodar3187 says:

    its dug in like an alabama tick!!

  11. Gnorg27 says:

    @LeGette88 How stupid are you my friend…..Video equipment has been around since way before roswell, how do you think we have clips from 1st and 2nd world war???? Think before you post a comment…..

  12. TibianBotter says:

    who said they are russians?

  13. LeGette88 says:

    uhm.. guys. lets be smart.. do your math… roswell was before video technology… video cameras anyways… so this is not real one bit

  14. OTULP62 says:

    in Russia UFO flies you.

  15. onepoundpull says:

    @WheepingWillow2 ..DUH…it came straight down

  16. WheepingWillow2 says:


  17. m00se321 says:

    @TVC64 it would’nt be on youtube if it was fake!!

  18. imbaby1Productions says:

    @Reconzman12 You say they are dumb but I think they can actually type a sentence correctly…

  19. Reconzman12 says:

    Ground damn

  20. Reconzman12 says:

    Aliens are dumb asses if they keep crashing into the freaking

  21. brownfuji says:

    it’d be cool if this was real, but I’m just noticing that it’s dug into the earth so that it would have to be coming from the direction of the trees it’s leaned on. not only that if it were to somehow skid into that position from the other direction behind the camera, I’d think there would be upturned soil leading to its current position, but there’s none. maybe it had been there for a while though, who knows.

  22. lepricoun says:

    @ricsen13 maybe but not realy you know

  23. ricsen13 says:

    It has baby Putin inside.

  24. TVC64 says:

    Fake Shit

  25. alitarabi says:

    Snow blue? it’s the no more quality in 69 camera… but this is REAL !

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