Roswell 1947 Alien Footage!

Footage supposedly taken after the Roswell UFO crash of 1947. One of the aliens can be seen on a stretcher. 😉 More UFO/alien videos and pictures: . .
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  1. princeofswine says:

    Why does all the Aliens seem to be female or am I just sex mad to notice that no genitalia any where in all the films I’ve seen,come on lads give it up as a bad joke.

  2. princeofswine says:

    Why does all alien bodies in all the films I’ve seen have no clothes on weired that,is it they are not shy and love to flash it.or the makers were stupid enough not to realise that,or they could not make up their minds what their clothes would look like in design,when I see an Alien with clothes on I may start to believe.,their poor little bums rubbing on those seats over millions of light tears of travel,now thats sore,

  3. toplertov says:

    if it was a real film, creature would have been FOCUSED CLOSER by the operator…

  4. Deadmanalcatraz says:


  5. cincyblows says:

    @petebure How do you know?

  6. cincyblows says:

    @MegaDJLA No, you imagined the whole thing.

  7. MegaDJLA says:

    Is that real?

  8. Swaggs303 says:

    they shudda worn their seatbelts

  9. mphello says:

    @MsGoodfella24 WTF? Where the FUCK do you get THAT idea about me? Because I make a joke about THIS particular piece of possible evidence (which is not so good)?
    I’ve been a LIFELONG UFO disclosure activist and am quite certain (no, I can’t prove, nobody can – haven’t got an alien in my hand) aliens with high tech visit earth. I’ve personally met Steve Bassett when he ran for Congress in Maryland in 2003 on a platform of UFO disclosure.

    Far better evidence: seeingUFOsPA’s YT channel.

  10. MsGoodfella24 says:

    @mphello why would you even think about that? arent you curious about other life forms on this planet…grow the fuck up and put some time and thought into wondering why you’re here.

  11. shawzie1916 says:

    The hand has 5 fingers AND a thumb…huh

  12. shawzie1916 says:

    @daijazz Story goes, the cameraman was dragged out of his bed in the very early hours of the morning by MP’s and told simply to “grab your camera Jim and get in the car, you’re not going to believe this…”
    Hysteria and awe are the too words to describe the cameraman’s and the officers reactions.

  13. shawzie1916 says:

    @padgettcaleb88 If you’re going to call someone a nitwit, at least learn how to spell correctly. I could hardly comprehend your primative English.

  14. petebure says:

    That is real, like it or not

  15. 209Pryde says:

    Hey Its Paul ! Kidding , I was watching Paul and Coincidentually i saw a Ufo . If you dont believe me well screw you

  16. ttaylorssm says:

    @daijazz well I would not go as far as to call me an idiot but I stand corrected! You know everything on your tube is real haha

  17. padgettcaleb88 says:

    this was video that the same guys as Autopsy made at the same time, they waited for the vid to become popular and then said that was one fake but this one was, even though if you hard enough ITS THE SAME MANIKIN! Stupid Fucking people need to quit faking shit, his is a serious matter not to be taken lightly. Fuckin nitwits

  18. daijazz says:

    @ttaylorssm i was waiting for an idiot to post something like that lol…..Kodak Kodachrome began production in 1935 in various formats, There are plenty of examples of this , The Library of Congress research archive has alot of 4×5 Kodachromes from the second world war period and earlier.

  19. ttaylorssm says:

    @daijazz In the 1940’s? HELLO!

  20. XxgroundCHUCKxX says:

    Everyone listen up there are aliens they can visit us but we can’t visit them because were dumb they say since we are a new planet when they’ve been around for billions of years

  21. daijazz says:

    Horses**t !!! something of this importance would have been filmed in colour and far more professionally as the military camera men were well trained

  22. aprilcondon69 says:

    there are billions of plantets out there, if you really think about it, why would this one planet be the only one that has life on it. somewhere out there, there is a planet that does have life and are wondering if there is life on another planet also. i believe they exist!

  23. 786myfist says:

    @MistahProdigy also if it was hi definition footage then all the kids would screa FAKE AND GAY like they always do.

  24. machoverspeed says:

    You know, any vid or pic of a naked alien is bound to be bullshit. Those fuckers get hot and cold same as us.

  25. Dannyrocksass says:

    Bullshit! Hahahah! XD THIS IS OFF THE FUCKING ALIEN AUTOPSY FILM WITH ANT AND DEC XD You idiots. Unless they used this footage then withold my statement.

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