Real UFO and Alien Pictures

The pictures are of ufos and aliens The last three pics are great. Hope you enjoy it.
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  1. divinedlink90 says:

    ain’t gonna believe it if I won’t see ’em WITH MY EYES

  2. zaq4267 says:

    This picture was taken on Mars. Just thought you should know.

  3. ZiorSamuel says:

    BLACK EYED GREYS ARE SATANIC LIE = 777 in x3 THE CIA PROMOTING ALIEN LIES = 777 in x3 MASERS MAKE THE CROP CIRCLES = 777 in x3 THE USA IS MAKING CROP CIRCLE = 777 in x3 SEVEN SEVEN SEVEN TRUE = 777 in x3 TRIPLE SEVEN IS GOD WORD = 777 in x3 YAH IS THE TRIPLE SEVENS = 777 in x3 THE ALPHANUMERICS OF YAH = 777 in x3 YEHOVAH IS TRULY GREAT = 777 in x3 YEHOVAH GOD IS VERY GREAT = 777 in x3 A=3 B=6 C=9 D=12 E=15 F=18 and so on all the way to Z in multiples of 3. Add it up for yourself.

  4. Lukeysback says:

    @Spencethesmall I Get it HES WITH Area 51 Trying to cover it all up :D!

  5. Yesiibmore says:

    I really belive in aliens THERE ARE REAL

  6. GunPenguin says:

    @geckoboy77 3:22 is a dude sitting on a rock in the desert…

  7. geckoboy77 says:

    i admit 3:22 is real.

  8. geckoboy77 says:

    0:49 is 911 and 1:00 is a water tower.

  9. tanialii says:

    ET phone home!

  10. TheKicker445 says:

    no the 3 “alien” showed here honestly looks wood to a kade the rest i honestly dont know and i think iys the 3

  11. yolykiko1 says:

    one of the pics in the moon

  12. yolykiko1 says:

    this is so fake

  13. scbrownsr says:


  14. spencethesmall says:

    @JakeEricson And the fact that we may not be the only universe but very small amount have seen aliens and about 50% are telling the truth and we may be more advanced than aliens there are just to many possibilities

  15. JakeEricson says:

    @spencethesmall Yeah. Just like Carl Sagan’s view, with the amount of celestial objects out there, the chances of us being just another life form among many FAR outweighs the chance of us being alone. Of course, there is a chance that we are alone in the universe and we’re all just blowing it vastly our of proportion. Although, I’m sure at least 80% of “ufo sightings” are fake.

  16. 1337tutorialguy says:

    3:23 it could be a guy from taliban

  17. yntke says:


  18. sade3229 says:

    dont no what to say about that one

  19. MegaLARY24 says:

    Thats all Fakes

  20. pand2mic says:

    Why are all ufos flying saucers. Other shapes can fly to.

  21. grayobrox says:

    100 billions galaxies
    5% are discovered till now
    man couldnt possiblt investigate the whole universe
    and u still say u r alone

    Conclusion : U r a fag

  22. Ars2000crysis says:

    2.43 im telling you im not drunk idiots!

  23. Barkstall001 says:

    Either way, they will kill us because our dumb ass government will shoot first.

  24. jbalbirnie says:

    @:3:24 mins, Picture taken from the surface of mars, resembling a statue , kind of like the statue of Pazazu, or as most people know it , the statue from the movie the exorcist

  25. SuperLaw911 says:

    is the skull at 2:50 real? is it a human skull

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