Prime Time UFO’S – Unprecedented Media Reports Worldwide!

Subscribe: The video says it all…it’s becoming very difficult to deny, even the most hardened skeptic cannot refute the plethora of gathering evidence.
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  1. Vitam1nWat3r says:

    Thanks Discl0sur3, you’re truly representative of your name

  2. Wyrmshadow says:

    Bill Nye is begging for an anal probe.

  3. RoyLeijten says:

    Worldwide?? :S

  4. FalconPunch1978 says:

    Bill nye, paid debunker?

  5. FalconPunch1978 says:

    Lol 1:53 WTF?!

  6. gptsiteuser says:

    i want to kill bill nye in one punch.

  7. Gracchi says:

    cheers for finding my anti gravitational flying device,all ready patented

  8. ErnestG1979 says:

    @99percentatheist you are right. it will be false but a lot of people will beleave it.

  9. bluefly28 says:

    too bad they’re not here to help you eat your tv dinners, and take your pills

  10. 950horsepower says:

    I used to know a guy who took great pleasure in faking UFOs. It was a hobby for him, and it can get technical. But, it amounts to any means of hanging a light against the night sky, where people will see it, and there you go.

    These things are too easy to fake.

  11. meadman718 says:

    Wait a sec… They are actually using Bill Nye the Science Guy to debate on CNN?Bwaa ha ha ha ha ha. Seriously???? It must have been little sea shrimp like he said. lol

  12. 99percentatheist says:

    Search project Blue Beam!!!!!!!!!!! We are being set up people! The oncoming UFO invasion is going to be a false one!

  13. r8rjordan says:

    Just give it time, all will become clear eventually. As the little girl at the end shows, children today have a drastically different viewpoint on the ufo phenomena. Eventually the ignorance of old will be replaced by the curiosity of the new.

  14. smithdvr says:

    these aliens are pissing me off,just land and get it over with for fucks sake.
    flirting with us just dont wash with me.

  15. ouztsie123 says:

    Thank goodness.

  16. slave880 says:

    James Gilliand @ 4:40 is an Alien cause he speak without open his mouth

  17. fucknasa1 says:

    bill nye false flag guy

  18. magzepeant says:

    @31Centaur UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object my friend… It doesn’t mean it’s from outer space… It could be secret government aircraft for all we know… Don’t take everything as conspiracy. :) Just saying.

  19. magzepeant says:

    @magzepeant Then just a few days ago I saw 3 UFO’s and then on the news there were like three killings and a fire I think…

  20. magzepeant says:

    My mom said in 1997 she saw the exact same lights that were seen in Pheonix but in Vancouver BC Canada. It makes me wonder if there were any other sightings such as these across the world at that time. But I think sightings have a link to disasters that are soon to come. Like in 1997, Im pretty sure that was when the princess died. Then before the Canucks Riot I saw a UFO over downtown Vancouver with my friends…

  21. 31Centaur says:

    All part of the HAARP project. Floating foam full of ions causes the glow. Held in the airstream or moving with the atmosphere. Anything large and odd is a mirrored Hologram. Don’t trust anything you see up there. The truth is NOT Alien.

  22. DutchTimmie says:

    How can they even say those lights are flares. I mean: how dumb do they think we are jees!!!

  23. TheZenzensen says:

    The orbs are the Galactic Federation of Light.
    Definition:) Time is almost up for the Illuminati !!!!

  24. rlobianco says:

    Most of those look like Chinese lanterns

  25. kayserface says:

    Woah. Some people, lol. But I guess it’s awesome that people are actually starting to talk about more of this publicly (and not in a mass freak out way). It’s all just a series of steps and the human race is beginning to be more open. Hopefully, they will stay that way. :) Love you all.

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