OVNI-UFO Nazi UFO Pictures

Pictures, photos and documents. Is this the secret weapon of hitler?
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  1. yungvince02 says:

    History is fake,nazi ship was real tho,rewrote text books tell false “facts” no one knows the past not even if its written in books for the public cus all they do is bullshit us

  2. Thisguy1999 says:

    why didn’t they use them in WW2

  3. CRA101 says:


  4. msteven515 says:

    Oh, absolutely real. No question.

  5. bluh654 says:

    @Flomanmahir I KILLD UR NAZIS! OLOLOL

  6. livewiremjk says:

    the real foo fighters

  7. Flomanmahir says:

    hi, iam hitler, i living at the moon…
    but alone…
    my other nazi friends are going for an while to earth, they want buy some eat in new mexico… but they dont come back :.( im so lonely,
    can someone say me where they are? and why they didnt come back?

  8. tclarke35 says:


  9. FellowTraveller says:

    some rather strange stuff. I would want to see the original negatives I think. the nazis did do some strange shit and that is absolutely certain. maybe the “Grays” like hitler’s mustache? ha ha ha FT

  10. awesome3468 says:

    cant be true the germans dindt had the time to compleet there experiment yes they had a ufo named DIE GLOCKE a top secret expreiment that could be the death star of our time the americans stole the project and is now in area 51 those aliens were just a trick

  11. tanks4sell says:

    where did you gets did picture from

  12. Bobbel888 says:

    Not really bad, but the thing with Fyling Saucer technology is crap!

    This video is another trial to mystify the Nazis and so recreate the principle of enemy “Nazi Germany”

    Who would benefit from it? It is not Germany!

  13. loco1566 says:

    no mamen todo esta en ingles mejor ahí les va en español la neta la neta no le entienso nada a el ingles peo este es mi comentario en spanish o español la neta esta bien mierda porqe so puras fotos y eso lo pudiera hacer cualquiera en cualquier lugar eso paso en discovery con un chavo qe hizo fotomontaje weeis hasta mi abbuela lo puede hacer no mamen y le creen a ese wee no mamen luego se ve qe es fotomontaje para uno qe si tiene bna vista del ojo y es chole y bn wachurnaim

  14. edwinmchall79 says:

    very smart and awesome long time ago nazi was can made things high technology,realy realy clever………….

  15. BennoToorn says:

    an Irish ufo group had made a video that there will be an false flag ufo attack during the next olympics in london.
    this video is blocked on youtube by the london olympics now.
    they think it becouse a part the words of carol rosin has already come true and in the logo you see “zion”.

  16. bsbmy1971 says:

    maybe nazi army and ufo have a union and plan to start a third war world…there’s secret behind these events one day we will know and I hope it won’t be the last day of earth civilzation

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