Open Minds UFO News | August 29, 2011

This is the UFO news segment from the 8/29/11 episode of Open Minds Radio
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  1. plasmaarmelund says:

    Jason is the man!

  2. jamierourketen says:

    flippin good guy!

  3. Bajezid says:

    Thank you for posting.
    I would like to offer these films and lyrics.
    If you see more closely than you will receive the answers what will happen till 21th dec 2012. They always inform us and every person have to open his mind own without emotions and fear.
    The Box film (imdb)
    Earth2 is ready for the transport – for one part – read Bible an Quran.

  4. leraginasian says:

    fireballs could be a sign of coming asteroids perhaps???

  5. gadorfadil says:

    Jason has an excellent speaking voice

  6. had8668 says:

    Woot I love the show, keeps it up!

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