Open Minds UFO News | August 22, 2011

This is the UFO news segment from the 8/22/11 episode of Open Minds Radio


  1. PrestoWind says:

    @plasmaarmelund You said it plasma! It makes me sooo madd! Get a life FAKERS!!!

  2. operationcontact says:

    Unprofessional, no one will take you seriously with the behavior displayed on this video.

  3. plasmaarmelund says:

    So tired of fake UFO videos.

  4. PrestoWind says:

    Is crapally a word?

  5. The2012soon says:

    Where is Maureen Elsberry? lol
    Good stuff mates.

    Keep us posted on what is most important because there is a point where there is a no return, if we do not release all what we have we may have a chance at failing. But i highly believe we will ‘pass the test’ to make it to the stars that is if we don’t give it all we’ve got behind our potential.

    Peace & Love Open Minded Brothers & Sisters.

  6. Ghostx510xx says:

    @THESLICKNESSEDM im with you man they are here to help!

  7. Somervilladelphia215 says:

    did yall feel the earthquake today? i hope no aliens did that shit on the low.


    the dark ones actually feed off fear,hate and low negative vibrations. we need the federation to come make a huge appearance and wake up all the sleeping sheeple. we have to take control of our future now!!!!!!!! peace love and understanding is the way of the future. so is releaseing the technology that is kept from us and all knowledge that has been gathered. time for them hackers to go hard and leak all this stuff use them talents for good.


    thats a ridiculous theory as if an advanced race would destroy us for global warming. they may try to help which im sure they will if all the research ive done on this topic is even close to the truth then we are in for a big surprise really soon. we are controlled by elite evil beings here on earth. the other races that are far more evolved than us have a actual federation like star trek. the government is trying to make us afraid of them so stupid if they wanted are planet they would take it.

  10. thegroove2000 says:

    Alan Godfrey’s abduction in West Yorkshire, England. One of the best authentic cases on record.

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