New Large Crop Circle 26th July 2011 at Windmill Hill, UK !!

The latest Crop Circle is a big one and appeared at Windmill Hill in Wiltshire UK the 26th July 2011.
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  1. CREEGENERAL1 says:

    Fake you must thing were all real stupit

  2. omicronpersei88 says:

    @TheMmmast It looks like the solar system with emphasis on earth mars and saturn, which was alluded to in the arecibo crop circle(at Chilbolton, England).Maybe they might be showing us where they live or our own solar system. Trying to tell us were they are here in the sol system. I don’t really know. But everyone should have extreme doubt about their benevolence so as not to be decived..

  3. MrDavidPilz says:

    Orbits … ?

  4. TNTNTNTNT666 says:


  5. MrFranardo says:

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  6. 01RoboDemon says:

    may be the sun in the middle

  7. SuperPais says:

    @maria610421 It is you that are promoting propaganda. And calling me (lol) a criminal. For sure you have evidences regarding my pseudo role in the 911 thing. Cant wait

  8. SuperPais says:

    @maria610421 Im sure I already answered you in my last comment.

  9. maria610421 says:

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  10. maria610421 says:

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  11. maria610421 says:

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  12. maria610421 says:

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  13. maria610421 says:

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  14. SuperPais says:

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  15. maria610421 says:

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  16. maria610421 says:

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  17. maria610421 says:

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  18. maria610421 says:

    The Earth has been move off its AXIS as a result of the bombings since 2001. The aim to move the earth out of the path way of Elein, the public have not been told about this but a bogus story about war on TERROR. They cant drop the bombs in Europe so they are dropping them on the Arabs instead the Arabs do not know they are the sacrifical Lambs. The illuminati knew to move the earth out of the parthway of the pending desaster is to blow up the Comet or move the earth via bombings,

  19. maria610421 says:

    The Earth is said to be 4.5 Billion years old. The Earth will not be destroyed, its a change of pattern. If you reverse it you get the 54, its like 13 reversed is 31. 18+13 =31. The world is older than the people trying to destroy it. The informations was left here to sho the heart of mankinds wickedness, they could have created beauty, but created misery, the Crop circle is showing that too.

  20. maria610421 says:

    If you do the time 16.55: Ot goes even deeper 1+6 =7 and (7+5 )=12 (5+12)=17 nearly 5Pm or 16:55 if you want to be exact. Either way its Giving you a year which is 12 and a time 16:55. Its a count down to the Last Days.They control the world and what fraction is left, to gain total control. There is a clock and its ticking.

  21. maria610421 says:

    360 Degrees is the full Circle you must divide the circle by 54 which = 6.66 or expressed 20/3. Where do I get the 54 is by adding the number of discs which is 23 +31 =54.
    If we add the inner discs 23 and the outer 31 =54( 54/18) =3 which is the 3 rings inside. 3X18 =54. 54 minutes to any hour = 6 minutes. 54/6 =9. and 54 Deg Angle is 9/10th of a 60 deg angle. 54/18=3. (54/12)=4.5. (54/11) =4.90. (54/13)=4.15. Total 16:55 which is a time and the time is 5 Minutes to 5 Oclock That is the message

  22. maria610421 says:

    @1111aurora1: One thing is certain with this one, it is very clear what it represents we are looking at one of the Planet in our solar system. its showing the rings the inner and outer ring. The outer discs showing the shape of the milky way. The outer disc is showing 13 on one side the other side is showing 18 + together total 31. The Inner has 11 on one side and 12 on the other a total of 23 Discs.This is interesting.

  23. MsLeo229 says:


  24. UnitedCorpOfAmerica says:

    Excellent work!

  25. Beepinsqueekin says:

    Just beautiful!!!!

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