New Crop Circle 7th Aug 2011 at Temple Farm, nr Rockley, Wiltshire UK !!

Crop Circle 7th Aug 2011 at Temple Farm, nr Rockley, Wiltshire UK. A work of precision and beauty indeed. Music by Simple Minds


  1. Emecepola says:

    it clearly represents aghartha’s inner sun. just an opinion …

  2. chapin56097 says:


  3. TheNeoamor says:

    @pimple22 The tire marks exist outside of the design, as well. They are probably related to watering apparatus, or general crop maintenance.
    They don’t appear to be related specifically to the image at all, and were probably present BEFORE the image.

  4. pimple22 says:

    @PC160 This has been my argument the moment they appeared, if there were no Tyre marks in the field then i would say there is something strange going on, But if there are Tyre marks, then they they are 100% man made.

  5. musiccabin says:

    @lucianaoti01 ur so cool!!

  6. lucianaoti01 says:

    my birthday was on that date, and that image presented me some days ago when I was trying to meditate, I closed my eyes and that image came to my mind. then I looked for crop circles on the net and I found this… awsome!!! thanks! love and peace!

  7. damrog147 says:

    @PC160 there are few

  8. cloudwalker2657 says:

    A key to a gate of power? Sound code? very cool

  9. kajinsou says:

    @PC160 I think a good way to tell is to look for multilayer shading in the crop design. Suggesting the stems were punctured* at different heights.

    *In real circles, the stems water is heated so rapidly that steam escapes through small punctures at the bending point, but the plant is unharmed :)

  10. pete3003uk says:

    Its actually a binary code 3 looks very similar to Mayan calender type sun cycle but not sure where the start point is but am sure someone can work out the message!

  11. ARTILECT4U says:

    I still don’t understand how he could say that with a straight face…good acting I guess. Maybe you can make stars and ships, not to mention et’s with microwaves.

  12. PC160 says:

    Please show me a crop circle in a field that DOESN’T have tractor trails. In other words, a field with no way to walk out and create the circle without leaving a foot trail.

  13. Rasta4Peace says:

    It’s kind of calendar? BZ pls tell me what these numbers saying? you know?

  14. thedanny3607 says:

    the center is or consiousnes expanding outside ?

  15. ionutosho says:

    can anyone explain thi crop circle?

  16. ionutosho says:

    what does this mean?

  17. JLoveTheSinger says:

    ;p 5 stars :)

  18. brickhouse681 says:

    1your so much better than loads of other channels out there

  19. SkillzMuzic says:

    Nice video Kid!

  20. aussiechickdiana says:

    Thanks for this…these are VERY interesting…!!

  21. TeachMetheUnknown says:

    I think the Alien Artists get bored as hell and know we are more amazed by their art then the aliens. lol

  22. WatchNoEvil says:

    It reminds me of a windmill, but because the inner fans are not equal, it could be a shine or rays, like from the sun. I see no code there: why would somebody just write the date when it was made? It’s like somebody handing in a piece of paper with nothing but the date on the corner: just weird.

  23. Seraph7771000 says:

    Cannot the same “whirlwind” that made this, make the Rad Sea bottom as dry land for the Israelites to walk upon?

  24. Yoshka777 says:

    “0100 hour” ooooh yehhhh… aliens use babilonian 24-hour system (or egiptian) Then why they dont write stright text – “Here we are 07.08.2001 01h :)”

  25. SirVaughnElric says:

    I think they have an affect on people that go to them but not any direct effect on the mass, unless the mass understand the deeper meanings of Fibonacci circles, Golden ratio of Phi, then they just see complex circles.

    The more you look into Sacred Geometry and how it relates to everything in the universe and on a daily bases, even our emotions and down to our cores. You’ll began to see many things in a new perspective.

    Like water has memory based on your consciousness, Check it out :)

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