New Crop Circle 25th July at Etchilhampton, Wiltshire, UK!

New stunning Crop Circle reported 25th July at Etchilhampton, Wiltshire, UK! This one with intricate basket weave at the outer rim. 3D effects in the main construction.


  1. omicronpersei88 says:

    this looks like the crystal structure for the mineral beryl.I would ask anyone intersted in this to read Ezekiel ch.1 where the seraphim are described. they seem to travel with balls of light similar to the ones seen at crop circle sites.Ez. ch. 1:15-16 “now as I looked at the living beings(seraphim), behold, there was one wheel on the earth beside the living beings, for each of the four of them, the appearance of the wheels and their workmanship was like sparkling beryl. we are beings of light.

  2. omicronpersei88 says:

    they are showing us a new design for Q-bert

  3. wirelessworldinc says:

    This is the most amazing crop circle I have ever seen, thanks for posting.

  4. AneierHSNO4 says:

    this is the aliens going hey fuck you try to do this with ropes and boards you assholes. fucking humans trying to say all crop circles are theirs!…

  5. serenalite says:

    how inspiring!

  6. crlwllns says:

    @1:51, “you can’t do this with just ropes & boards in less than 15 seconds”!!

  7. conradlindstrom says:

    @MAMMOTHBAND same here… akaname dot net brothers and sisters

  8. maria610421 says:

    Missile defence shield, in the crop circle its also showing the Energy Points on the earth surface by the illuminati. Every Religion they created and funded. Out of this Rock I’ll build my Church of all ancient religions,Rock of Ages, Rock-er-feller, who funds all the Religious groups in America. (Rocket) Rock-ET End times scams by the illuminati. Extra Tresteral= Rock = E.T. Time to wake up we have been had by Rothschilds & Rockerfeller, they are no more Chosen than the rest of US. WTC Names

  9. silverstartrucker says:

    I do rather like the music…

  10. maria610421 says:

    This one is showing the Israeli Sign its very clear, the two Triangles one is upside down. Inside a Circle, its also showing 5 squares 5 Sq =25 and one 60 degree Triangle and on upside down one Equilateral they have equal sides. The Lines running through them you can see lots of little triangles and dots ajoining in stragic points so its representing Jewish Kabbala.

  11. BankersMediaCircus says:

    Resembles a merkaba

  12. MsLeo229 says:

    c´mon, let´s try to do this with a piece of wood and a cord ¡¡¡ yea, sure….

  13. rickyt11 says:

    I see the Mer Ka Ba.

  14. MrSparky148 says:

    Do you realise it is a merkaba or a star tetrahedron, the sign of Metatron?

  15. kepler5813 says:

    For all the Enki fans, the Chilbolton message reply clearly explains these aliens are human not reptile.

  16. SuperRICHSANCHEZ says:

    Where’s that scientist who said they’re made by micro burst of wind and or vortex from space? What a sorry excuse for a scientist, talking out of his a**. Gov’t has to come up with something better than that. Oh, they did!!! Those Geezers, they brain washed to say they did it in the middle of the night with a flat board. :/ They’re getting better at it!!!! >:

  17. rickythepitbull says:

    Very cool..very artistic…very human made MUSIC

  18. Seraph7771000 says:

    The Mercy Seat of the Ark of The Covenant.

  19. Seraph7771000 says:

    Enki, MetaTron’s Cube, Revelation 12:5.

  20. Yoshka777 says:

    aliens say us – “count how many triangles on the picture. Your answers send to alpha Centaurus”

  21. Rcee01 says:

    looks like the merkabah to me

  22. itchyundies says:

    same layout as the haarp installation just north of exmouth australia can see on google earth its massive

  23. Smallgrave says:

    Truly incredible!

  24. romygirl60 says:

    outstanding these circles!

  25. swordofisis says:

    looks like q-bert should be hopping around in it!

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