The original Nazca lines in their natural background. Quick reading to the genesis in brief.A little wink at some popular theories about the origins of mankind…
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  1. dariod2007 says:


  2. tinoalva says:

    Excelente animación!

  3. bin1oui1 says:

    Superbe animation bravo.

  4. Tigerroux says:

    Very entertaining – great little video – you have a good immagination!

  5. shulz78 says:

    Que bonito video!! me hizo sentir lo que pensaban cuando estaban haciendo las figuras!!!

  6. jumpingjacker1 says:

    @bobbklissourski great, thanks i’m just gonna use pieces of it i’ll let you know when its up..

  7. bobbklissourski says:

    @jumpingjacker1, OK, you can use this footage, but with credit titles, if you intend use the full video.


  8. jumpingjacker1 says:

    Please let me use this video in my next video, non profit just sharing info and its kind of fun your video will help make it more entertaining.. Please see my videos, nazca lines are next, let me know if I can use it… Thanks in advance.. :)

  9. luvngrati2d says:

    this is beautiful and fabulous and creative and I LOVE IT!!

  10. onedollarwill says:

    I’m so confused. Some say these lines are 18 inch piles of (glass) while wikipedia claims these lines were created by digging or removing the top layer of earth. Is it a combination and if it is piles that create these lines, then explain the images that aren’t on level surfaces. Wikipedia doesn’t even have a discussion page on this topic.

  11. TheZirock says:

    @JDA0429 The monkey!!

  12. TheZirock says:

    @katlovesall The lines are about 2000 years old,

  13. thecurehits says:

    awsome 😀

  14. JDA0429 says:

    i am planning to get a tattoo of one on my shoulder anysuggestions which one?

  15. JDA0429 says:

    i am planning to get a tattoo of one on my shoulder anysuggestions which one?

  16. 50N1C800M says:

    makes perfect sense

  17. katlovesall says:

    How old are these images? They are too perfect, like a plotter drew them. We all know how hard it is to draw a straight line on a piece of paper, how hard would this be in this size and on the earth? Possibley man was more advanced than we realize and we had ancient civilazations that failed from pollution or nuclear war?? Just guessing :) Very interesting, LOVE YOUR VIDEO, nice colors and action!! :)

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    Scary shit!!! :/

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  21. hoosierhiver says:

    Very cool!

  22. PipeCarozzi says:

    Thanks!!! Excelent Animation!!! i’m Peruvian!!! and bobbklissourski is really Great!!!
    xD! Please! more !!!

  23. conjo14 says:

    You have inspired a lot my self to find my string theorie about nazca lines, thanks for your imagination.

  24. conjo14 says:

    El astronauta fue creado en 1820 para significar la independencia y la llegada de las tropas del general San Martin. El agita una bandera peruana sobre la cabeza y lleva un kepi en el brazo izquierdo. Datacion au carbono por arqueologos y recitos historicos lo comprueban.

  25. dmarj2 says:

    Thrilling Provocative Fun

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