Nazca Lines Workshop – Blacksmithing in Peru

Teaching basic blacksmithing techniques to over 360 Peruvian metalworkers during a three week period in Huancayo, Lima, and Piura, Peru. The project was sponsored by Aceros Arequipa and went into developing basic blacksmithing skills among the local population using inexpensive tools to create the Nazca Lines Hummingbird Book Ends for sale within the tourist industry. Peru is filled with mysticism, sacred sites, ancient history, and an amazing and diverse land masses which cover the entire spectrum of plants, animals, and climates. This video includes the how-to intermixed with footage taken during the workshops.


  1. reyshakquit says:

    Im peruvian and I want to start blacksmithing so bad….. the european style!

  2. poida84 says:

    @masicklazik you have google its how i got into it

  3. masicklazik says:

    i wish i had that where i live, BLACKSMITHING SCHOOL!! 😀 now that would make myself a livin out of that

  4. 15joey04 says:

    Greate work and proejct!! Thanks for posting.

  5. tiznajillo says:

    muy buena idea!

  6. joe030658 says:

    saludos desde la ciudad de PIURA-PERU, tuve la suerte de poder estar en el desarrollo del colibri de Nasca fue una experiencia muy agradable estar realizando el proyecto bajo la direccion reconocido herrero ENRIQUE VEGA. , A Traves del YOUTUBE , he visto muchos de sus videos y quiero felicictarlo por sus trabajos son muy hermosos , se despide desde la calurosa ciudad de PIURA un participante de dicha jornada :JOE PETER CORDOVA CRUZ , gracias por lo aprendido , un fuerte abrazo.

  7. 777999777999 says:

    Good work! Thanks for posting!

  8. Anvilfolk says:

    Amazing project! Great idea, and very nice execution too, com the video!

  9. OldtimeFiddler says:

    Thats pretty cool.

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