Most People have heard of the Nazca Lines in Peru – an ancient civilsations mystery as to whom created it. Now we have a new Nazca area – in Australia. In the middle of nowhere – 100’s of miles into the dunes – a double dry lake bed – with two waterhole s– there are ‘Nazca Lines’ drawn within. I guess there will be needed much research into what this actually is: Is it a natural phenomenon? I doubt it. On one forum, someone porposed it was animal tracks leading to the water. I doubt it. No animals are that ridgid in their behavior. They may follw behind one another on tracks, but after a long dry desert walk – they will spread out once by the waters edge to drink – and Not drink one at a time! Someone else proposed it was due to thermal mass – volcanic surce below it – hence the fan pattern. However this lake does not buldge to create a fan pattern. There is only 4-5ft differentiation over the entire lake. I have baptised it “Austrailia’s Nazca Lines.” I propose it is the aborigones work.. a sacred site. A celestial type Map, showing their equinoxes and other celestial celeboratory dates. throughout the year. But then again – what do we know about the Nazca Lines in Peru? Nothing about who made the, and why.. Perhaps we need to find some elders in the area that may explain for us. It is RESEARCH TIME! A final version will be uploaded shortly – this is the test site only.


  1. looncraz says:

    Ugh… you can see the legos I used when I made the world!! :-(

  2. mulcontent says:

    Naturally formed by water erosion over millions of years , not Aboriginal at all , the ” kangaroo ” figure is caused by a vehicle or boat chewing up the lake bed surface

  3. illuminOz says:

    @pleiadestars, interesting vid I’m in Oz but a long way away from this place @zeoliveira22, OK smart mouth where are more of these lines ? Or are you just talking what I suspect is TOTAL rubbish ? @eeeaten, what is the point to your troll remark? If you have nothing constructive to say then toddle back off to play in the sandbox @thewwmm25, please explain how this is a “fail” ? as these are somewhat unusual lines .

  4. evehudz says:

    well i love Australia but … Nazca lines in PERU …AMAZING. !!!

  5. jarrahjoe says:

    @9761scott – “tribe in the Kimberley s that were using masonic handshakes and Egyptian hieroglyphics before the whites met them ?”

    Where did you get that from? I spent a few years working & exploring remote areas of the WA / NT Border country. Seen plenty of ancient art, Never anything even remotely Egyptian in origin however I’m intrigued!.

  6. amyshi08 says:

    NAZCA LINES in AUSTRALIA??? nothing to compair… this video is interesting but they are just lines, not even an specific shape, just lines. I´d love going to see the Nazca Lines in Peru sometime!

  7. eeeaten says:

    what a load of old shit

  8. 9761scott says:

    @radionactive , can you explain more ?
    Like how do you know whites made the lines ?
    Are you saying the aboriginals wouldn’t have the knowledge, and the whites did ?
    Do you know about the tribe in the Kimberleys that were using masonic handshakes and egyptian hieroglyphics before the whites met them ?
    Can you tell us anything on that ?

  9. 9761scott says:

    @radionactive , can you explain more ?
    Like how do you know whites made the lines ?
    Are you saying the aboriginals wouldn’t have the knowledge, and the whites did ?

  10. thewwmm25 says:


  11. zeoliveira22 says:

    The lines are all over australia -.-

  12. amtek666 says:

    Its true the abs would have been to drunk to even walk in a straight line.

  13. magic1harmony says:

    More Nazca Lines in Kazakhstan, Aral Sea floor and more –

  14. sasktank says:

    farming canals—or cracks in rock

  15. radionactive says:

    You really need to learn a little more about Aboriginal culture and history, especially about how the Aboriginals view their environment and the world around them. If you were to come over here to Australia and propose that these patterns were created by Aborigines to mark out the stars and cosmos, you would be laughed out of the country!

    You would probably have most of the Aboriginal community laughing at you as well! Nice try though.

    These patterns were made by white man, unfortunately.

  16. AlanCiech says:

    @Rokket ..I was surprised too, especially for nomadics. But the solstices are not rocket science mate. You just note the Northern most point the Sun rises in the middle of Winter, and the Southern most in Summer.. In between the two you got your equinox.

  17. Rokket says:

    @AlanCiech …equinox and solstices….and Aboriginals in the same sentence!!!! Geez mate, you are talking about a race that was still walking around in animal skins, and sleeping in caves or bark shelters…..we’re not talking about a very advanced civilization, I think you could probably forget the notion of anything amazing.

  18. AlanCiech says:

    @pleiadestars Hi, unfortunately the markings are not an Aboriginal sacred site, but rather the destruction of white man. A series of balistic missiles were detonated at Percival Lakes begining in 1964. If you are interested I can email you the link for an excellent documentary on it, or you can Google – Project Blue Streak, Percival Lakes and maybe find some information. There ARE some real, and even more amazing Aboriginal sites here, although some of which I’m reluctant to talk about..

  19. AlanCiech says:

    @nw5052001 Sorry, that was prior to any detonations. There’s an excellent documentary on it called Contact. I can email you the link if you’re interested, but I can’t seem to post it on here… There are some amazing and real aboriginal sacred sites.. Wurdi Youang comes to mind. It’s a geoglyph arrangement not far from Geelong in Victoria, marking the equinox and solstices.

  20. molarminder says:

    Could this be some kind of mining exploration?

  21. nw5052001 says:

    @AlanCiech how did they survive the detonation if they lived in that area

  22. AlanCiech says:

    @nw5052001 Haha! Don’t insult aboriginal artists, it looks nothing like it! Aboriginals do anatomically correct renditions of native fauna. Kangaroos cannot tuck their tails between their legs either (that’s if i’m “seeing the roo” properly). Looks like 4wd tracks from one of the many reconnissance missions.. The Percival lakes area was inhabited by aboriginals. When the surveyors were investigating the detonation site they found a tribe that had never seen white fella before!

  23. nw5052001 says:

    @AlanCiech yea and the rays carved a kangaroo too

  24. nw5052001 says:

    @RedHimJoy but maybe the erosion process is more severe in these ones. i think it was stated the erossion of the nazca lines was near no existant.

  25. RedHimJoy says:

    They do not compare to Nazca lines in Peru at all! Lines in Peru are sharp and there are clear shapes. I am sure there is an geological explanation to the the phenomenon in Austalia which has something to do with limestone structure !

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