Nazca Lines Flight

Overflight of the Nazca Lines, arrived at the airport Maria Reiche, the counter of present our tickets and then pay the TUUA S 20.00, tickets to give our control and our Pilot Corpac leads to the plane and then tell us the tour circuit Nazca Lines, indicates that the duration of the tour of the Nazca lines is 30 m. and also indicates that the flyover will be at the 3.200 level walk and observe 12 figures of the Nazca Lines. Overflights of the Nazca Lines were made in three levels, 2200 feet, 2700 feet and 3200 feet
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  1. Sternenshower says:

    Bonito pelicula, senora.

    Yo tambien estava en nasca en el
    ano 2000 con pequeno avion.

    saludos de Hamburgo, Alemania

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