Nazca Lines – Condor

I share part of my videos about the Nazca Lines. There are a several figures and lines in Nazca and the Condor is one of the most famous line in Nazca. Welcome to Peru – Your friend Jorge Alvarado


  1. DarkAngelNero says:

    …Looks like I’m not the only one who watched this because of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s. LOL XD

  2. BakuganSpirit says:

    All the hail Wirqocha rasca!

  3. whyicare says:

    it’s dissapearing!!!!!!!!!!

  4. LinLT103 says:

    lol dark signer rex goodwin

  5. kingofemocardgames says:

    Wiraqocha Rasca is the condor owoned by rex goodwin in the yugioh 5ds series!

  6. Metze94 says:

    Earthbound Gods !!!

  7. bm2452 says:

    did you know that aliens helped them build these or at least thats wat most people think

  8. Aldog363 says:

    they mentioned the nazca lines in indiana jones 4 and the book Evilo Star by Anthony Horowitz

  9. jcsbyrd36 says:

    I know Exactly what you mean!

  10. 555magpies says:

    We just came back from Peru, the flight over the Nazca lines was tough work but defintely worth it !!
    I almost thought we’d die a couple of times on that flight, especially the way he banks the plane from left to right !!!

  11. yakovlev3a says:

    how did they even see what they were drawing? When a sculptor sculpts, they can step back and look at what they are doing. But how did these people do that? Also why did they even put them their if no one at the time could look at it. Maybe as time capsule?

  12. Brent29Hockey says:

    That’s incredible

  13. jcsbyrd36 says:

    I went there to what did you think of the plane!HaHa

  14. Dav1oMagnific0 says:

    actually they were Incas, the Nazca’s were considered Inca’s even though they lived in the desert.

  15. fr000tch says:

    And the people who created Nazca lines & pattrens were Nazcans, of course, not Incas.

  16. fr000tch says:

    Weavin looms, that’s what the Nazca lines are.
    They wrapped their deads in long pieces of cloth, and the more “VIP” the dead was, the longer and “unique” the filament into the cloth should be.
    Is that a significant answer?

  17. fr000tch says:

    Nazca lines are not a mystery anymore, anybody googled “Henri Stierlin”, a Swiss journalist who wrote a book about the Nazca lines? He sees a very simple and rational way to explain them. Any cabalistic/UFO suppositions falls down.

  18. fr000tch says:

    Aliens here, aliens there, aliens all around us… people see aliens everywhere nowadays! Why’s that? Is “aliens” the right answer to mean “I dunno” or what?

  19. marturom says:

    People around the place says that it was made by aliens.

  20. guyferd20 says:

    I think those lines are created by the Nazczn Indians.Yet the reason why are they created is still a mystery.

  21. wowizjerry says:

    wut are these things supposed 2 be?

  22. jackiechanrox says:

    i think the Incas created the lines

  23. rastafox says:

    no, that’s the condor, they look alike, but the hummingbird’s peck is larger.

    parece q eres peruano y no conoces tu propia cultura…¬¬

  24. limamantapachitas says:

    ho has information of ho made the nazca lines

  25. TweetyPeru says:

    Hi Flynsnake, i can see this images on google earth, maybe you cant see them, i will send this pictures if you send to me your email. It is possible to see them, i will see how

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