Mysterious Nazca Lines, Photographed from a Plane, Peru

Art of the ancient Nazca, only visible from the air, a segment from “The Inca Lost and Found”, afree Intrepid Berkeley Explorer video that features Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley of the Incas, Cuzco, Inca interviews, the search for Andean musicians, Lima, the Nazca Lines, and other parts of Peru. To enjoy all of this film, plus over 30 more free, non-commercial, streaming travel videos from every continent, and still pictures, please ask a search engine for: Intrepid Berkeley Explorer


  1. vampsrock124 says:

    Ok I am from Peru and yes I have seen the Nazca lines i believe that they were made by the Incas for perhaps a trail or way to something in just my opinion

  2. shariefwat says:

    those lines are clearly designed for flying vehicles (nasca runways). Unfortunately you didn t iclude the best images to support that ( no offense for this video is good)

  3. 1986karlos says:

    they draw the lines because they wanted the aliens to come back

  4. megatrondecepticon2 says:

    reminds of yugioh 5ds.

  5. 666Corbin says:

    the hands looks like a chicken at 1:14

  6. intrepberkexplorer says:

    If you like this sample clip, please watch my complete, free travel video of Peru, “The Inca Lost and Found”. You need a high speed internet connection. Ask a search engine for: Intrepid Berkeley Explorer

  7. docuq88 says:

    good introduction, production

  8. forrenz says:

    I think “the Hands” is supposed to be a frog, but that’s just a guess.
    So, do you rhink it’ll be much longer before the evil spirits break free?

  9. fr000tch says:

    Weaving looms, that’s what the Nazca lines are.
    They wrapped their deads in long pieces of cloth, and the more “VIP” the dead was, the longer and “unique” the filament into the cloth should be.
    Is that a significant answer?

  10. fr000tch says:

    There we go again…
    Aliens here, aliens there, aliens all around us… people see aliens everywhere nowadays!
    Why’s that? Is “aliens” meaning “I dunno” or what?

  11. GamersPeru says:

    ศl็a็s็ l็i็∕ฤ็e็์a็s็ d∕eﻫNฺaฺ็z๔ฺa‗ρзгµ™(∕∕√∕)

  12. jirahia says:

    500 a.c.

  13. ls1phsyco says:

    pues si, yo tambien peinso lo mismo. se me hace que abia una clase de communication entre los humanos y extraterrestres

  14. chicomiau says:

    si pues creo que es para avisar a los extraterrestres ya que solo en el aire las puedes apreciar

  15. IceMute says:

    i read that book to

  16. renee1092 says:

    hey ive read that! how awesome is it?? i reckon thats what the lines are, to copy star patterns, not the whole gate concept though lol

  17. orthon360 says:

    this looks like the Jeffers Petroglyphs in places like Dakota, Cheyenne, Ohio, and Minnesota. The Natives made that to gain spiritual insight.

  18. joz119 says:

    how old are the nazca lines?

  19. ninpostar says:

    its made for ufo landig

  20. mikerdoodle3 says:

    dude that spider is like what is on evil star anthony horowitz book! omg!

  21. ls1phsyco says:

    y tu que chingados sabes de esos dibujos gigantescos??? son un misterio y nadie sabe como los hizieron, quien los hizo, o para que!!

  22. LCandWR says:



    eso es pura mierda si alguien supiera la historia de mi qu3erida sudamerica pues hablenme bien que video bueno ,,, lo se es bueno pero nada mas

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