Milk Hill Trinity Crop Circle 2011 (with choppers)

An inside view of the so called Trinity crop circle at Milk Hill Alton Barnes 2011. We were visited here by two military choppers. The second being an Apache which was quite a suprise. 2011 crop circle playlist CHeck this out. I went to honey street crop circle and said we need a crop circle at milk hill and the next one appeared there. I went to milk hill with my copper double spiral necklace and said it would be nice to have a crop circle at windmill hill and one appeared in the shape of my necklace. I went to kennet, roundway hill, windmill hill on sunday and the next day more crop circles appeared at all these three places. I also said it would be nice to have a crop circle appear under the white horse/obelisk as i’d never seen one there and last night one appeared there of an alien smoking a pipe. WTF!!!!!!


  1. 4842Chuck says:

    fake or not, the UK government has stated repeatedly on many public media outlets that they have no interest in crop circle investigating. Well piss on me and say it’s rain while keeping up the royals to boot.

  2. rea1001 says:

    @johnywebb My apologies. I thought you were responding to 6, and the time frame was .22, and not the time frame of 6.22.

  3. 31stFFJumper says:

    its fake ….. or a idea but it is to simple to make it.
    looks at it exactly! not more )=

  4. blahblah2556 says:

    H e l i copter, H e l i copter , fields , grass , h e l i copter, fields , house, inane chatter. H E L I C O P TER . Flattened hay, clouds, H E L I copter, more bollocks,damaged grass, chalky white horse and H E L I C O P T E R.

  5. Rev31test says:

    Beautiful, just beautiful. I work in construction…the boneheads who think humans with PLANKS…AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…could produce the kind of accurate cuts I’m seeing here, are nuts.

    Hello Aliens! Diggin’ the artwork! Keep it up!

  6. PhoenixTheKnight says:

    heavy boards with ropes drilled through

  7. thb9thb says:

    @PhoenixTheKnight So how did you proceed to flatten the crops ?

  8. YouKnowIAmRight says:

    Looks like an AS350 Squirrel in Police colours but with an RAF roundel on the tail….hmmmmm interesting

  9. PhoenixTheKnight says:

    Sorry this is a fake it’s the Croppie beer logo I was asked tohelp make it but needed sleep

  10. Jerri2257 says:

    Namaste.Quite the Confirmation.I am honored,let US All go forward in love and Peace

  11. gosst60 says:

    @Maccer229 Well said, i was about to say the same, the ampunt of pressure to feep it flat would be unreal !!!!!!

  12. GRIDKEEPER says:

    @johnywebb Had a closer look. At first i thought it was all flies but now i’m not so sure as the movement of the objects is very odd when slowed right down. I’ll upload a slow mo version over the weekend.

  13. GRIDKEEPER says:

    @johnywebb I’ll take a closer look, cheers.

  14. Viewty2012 says:

    @GRIDKEEPER I have always wondered how much the owners ask for the right to walk on the crops? Could you tell us? Also, this has hapenned for years, they must have seen something, how they crops are made, anyone has tell you something?

  15. Paganiproductions says:

    How much is the chance that the helicopters are just passing by

  16. pudster420 says:

    @GRIDKEEPER well there’s an intriguing theory!

  17. Maccer229 says:

    I cannot believe, that a few old guys with planks attached to ropes can achieve this effect. There is not a single grain of the crop standing in the affected area. Ever sat in long meadow grass similiar to this? Sure you will flatten an area and break many stalks, but you will never break them all, as is shown in this video.
    Good stuff Grid !!

  18. MattBlytheTheOne says:

    @GRIDKEEPER good man 😛

  19. GRIDKEEPER says:

    @MattBlytheTheOne Yes i took readings and paid the farmer for the right to walk on the crop as i do in all the circles.

  20. MattBlytheTheOne says:

    Grimoires indeed! Do you believe fairies and wizards are making thses? LOL !

  21. MattBlytheTheOne says:

    @TheLastCelticBard I would say they are unconscious symbolism ,designed to raise some kind of archetype to consciousness, most predomenently to say “We are here! Arn’t we clever!” Not really if they were that clever they would speak the lingo….

  22. colboy75 says:

    That is my take exactly, i think whoever is forging the man made circles, they are trying to forge some kind of dialogue with whatever off world / inter dimensional intelligence that is creating the genuine ones.

  23. MattBlytheTheOne says:

    Never mind the crop circle look at the helicopters… lool

  24. MattBlytheTheOne says:

    So did you take readings, look closely at the crop stems, find any buried artefacts? Or did you just wander around and trample it down some more?

  25. MattBlytheTheOne says:

    The “choppers” are only news teams taking aerial shots, who cares?

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