Mayan Prophecies and Crop Circles – An Extraordinary Connection

THE FILM – MAYAN PROPHECIES AND CROP CIRCLES IS A SENSATION! See why people are talking about this extraordinary film! See new night time surveillance footage of a Crop Circle Formation appearing in only a matter of seconds and discover the stunning connection between the Crop Circles and Mayan Prophecies that go back thousands of years. The viewers speak – this is one film not to be missed! Scholars and researchers have discovered an extraordinary connection between rare ancient 6000 year old Sumerian symbols, ancient symbols from the mysterious Mayan calendar, and a group of amazing signs and symbols found among crop circle formations believed to be extraterrestrial in origin, that are now appearing in the farmlands of the English countryside. Now on DVD in a Special 2-Part Double Feature, Cat. #U690. Go to THREE TIME AWARD WINNER – International UFO Congress EBE Awards, Best Documentary, Best Historical Documentary and Peoples Choice Award. What are these symbols collectively trying to say? Scientists belive that we are looking at a great symbolic message system, covering vast distances of historical time and space. However only now with the aid of advanced code breaking technology and the hard work of brilliant researchers, we have been able to connect the dots of antiquity, further unlocking a detailed set of messages that fortell a great prophecy about the future of our planet and confirmation of humanities extraterrestrial origins.
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  1. UFOTVstudios says:

    @PhenomXmanifestO Actually, filmmakers will continue to produce films and have the right to recoup their production costs. We deserve the same rights as The Discovery Channel. Fortunately, the people who watch our films and our channel are grateful for all of our hard work and our intentions about supporting the filmmakers. Why attack us. We are the good guys!

  2. PhenomXmanifestO says:

    @UFOTVstudios Actually, we assumed that you would grasp that it’s a new reality that doesn’t care about what you think of theold ways of doing things. I the near future, things are going to be all shared, and there is little foryou to do about it. People that love will always win over your kind. If you don’t provide it, then someone will copy to youtube, and if removed, another one will do it, and so on. Does holographic ring a bell?

  3. neoele11 says:

    Crop circles are part of the deception. They are made using advanced harmonics, man made of course. Over the past 40 (or so) years as technology has develped and improved, the crop cirlcles have become more complex.

  4. shalokin says:

    @shalokin We may well have been visited by aliens and they may well still be here, but these crop circles are agenda based and are only the beginning of what they have in store for us. Please research this the answers are available to you, albeit not too pleasant.

  5. shalokin says:

    Please look up scalar interferometry to understand how ‘Human’s’ are capable of, and are creating these circles with plasma ball inference. I would say it’s not rocket science, but that’s exactly what it is. They now have a huge network of devices from all country’s deviant space programs. This technology is currently being employed to create and control hurricane ‘Irene’ in the states to promote civil unrest, panic and fear to gain absolute power over the populace.

  6. Strange0ne says:

    @UFOTVstudios absolutely! Don’t mind him we will work within the fading system for the moment :)

  7. xXFlyleafXx says:

    @justin07777 I wondered the same thing myself.

  8. UFOTVstudios says:

    @PhenomXmanifestO Actually, we assumed you would be grateful that we found a way to post films in copyright compliance with Youtube and the filmmakers. We hope you enjoy are films!

  9. PhenomXmanifestO says:

    @UFOTVstudios Who cares, everyone doesn’t give any respect to your license.

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    @omied23 We are not authorized to grant you permission to re-post our videos. All of our videos are licensed from the filmmakers for broadcast on our exclusive channel. However, you can “favorite” our videos and they will appear on your channel as if you posted them your self. You can program your channel to place “favorited” videos on your main viewer or in any “playlist” you see fit to the create.

  11. omied23 says:

    May I have permission to repost this clip on my channel? @omied23

  12. justin07777 says:

    can anyone tell me what happened with the harvest then??? I mean: was it sold and afterwards eaten?

  13. Dontreportabug says:

    @stro3k Hope we will know it before 21.12.12 lol

  14. stro3k says:

    @Dontreportabug After 1 month of research i still haven’t figured it out

  15. Dontreportabug says:

    @stro3k Who is Swiffy?

  16. HipHop4Life210 says:

    Im surprised noyone on here mentioned the 2 farmers who were caught making crop circles, confessed and showed how they did it . Even though they confessed I dont believe them, I doubt that 2 elderly british farmers had an extensive knowledge of an ancient culture or knew binery code, not only that but the circles they made were very basic and looked man made . Some circles can be the size of towns and formed in a matter if seconds I doubt any human can do that let alone two senior citizens .

  17. IndiaSergeant says:

    @antonKASA2007; yeah…a satellite using lazer beams and swamp gas reflected off the atmosphere? Your denial runs deep; they showed you the crop circles being formed, I doubt you even watched this.

  18. TheMinds4theye says:

    How is this not the top veiwed viedo on youtube?

  19. Omnidominatus says:

    @rhdtv2002 It was a joke.

  20. dreddismomma says:


  21. rhdtv2002 says:

    arecibo is in Puerto Rico

  22. rhdtv2002 says:

    @Omnidominatus wtf?

  23. antonKASA2007 says:

    let say that from satelitte and a computer people send a design which is put in the fields via satelites using the scaning of the design or the beam of light which does show big in the fields. That can be done by humans of Nasa or HARP etc…

  24. spacecase8888 says:

    @froggy57 Fuck off, froggy. I don’t care what you get tired of. Someone’s gotta try to talk sense into these people.

  25. froggy57 says:

    @spacecase8888 I get so tired of hearing people get their panties in a twist about what xians think and do. If you are a believer, good for you. But please STFU and let others believe what they wish without your hysterical fear of religion

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