Jerusalem UFO, Two Videos Synchronized, Best UFO Footage ever

Update : Now a 4th footage the third one is a fake : Watch the full version here : -Two differents points of view of the same white Ufo Orb at the Dome of the Rock, Temple Mount. 01/27/11 around 1:00 am. -At first there is one of them, the white one, and at the end many red others floating on the sky. -The first footage’s audio file is on the Left stereo canal, the other on the Right one. -Incomplete Translation here : -First debunk here : But I’m not convinced by this stabilisation proof, cause phones induct distortion. -Debunking of the debunkers : -Two pictures from the first video after image error level analysis and a third of a random ufo picture. I dont know if it can help, but here it is : A second footage (not spectacular) of an other ufo uploaded by eligael the 02/01 : The same recent kind of phenomenon : UFO over American Fork Utah, 1-26-11 The sound at 0:57 made me thinking it’s fake, cause the sound is on the footage 2 but not on the first one. It’s an bad cutted sound, bad edited. But to fake this you have to be very organised and Machiavellian. Timeline : -Eligael post his first footage/ -The first footage is translated/ -Eligael post the 720 p version of his footage/ WHY HOAXER WHY DID YOU DO THAT ? -shshsh331 post a comment on the eligael channel, he said that he’s


  1. vitaminasHM says:

    It seems that MUFON has issued an statement declaring that their experts consider this is unfortunately a hoax…

  2. theblueteam10 says:

    @Mveronikas you know what they say about assuming things……

  3. tyler2011chs says:

    i didnt type that comment bro my friend did no hard feelings

  4. tyler2011chs says:

    @NeilCrouse actually i am 19 :) and let me guess, you are a lonely psycho bitch with no friends and fuck your dog? thought so.

  5. aygachu says:

    fake. too identical. it was supposed to be at different angles

  6. meshtornProductions says:

    @DNABB2JACKSON. it could have been a satellite I see them all the time. It also could have been a rock or something in space just above the mesosphere And when u lost site of it it cod have got burned up in the mesosphere. Or maybe just a UFO.

  7. ThePinkrose14 says:

    this video has been officialy declared a FAKE…folks..wake up….investigate!!!!

  8. KidAwesome54 says:

    My friend that is whats known as 1 of two things a) a star or b) the internation spacestation

  9. Mveronikas says:

    The fact of the matter is that people are afraid of the truth! This may be real, or it could very well be fake! Either way, the REAL deal does exist out there, and we are NOT the center of it all! I laugh when I see people try to debunk EVERYTHING! We are in outer space! Do you think we are the only ones? We dream of exploring other planets! Reaching out past our solar system! I can only assume that there are other forms of life out there that would want to do the same!

  10. hopeforchange says:


    THESE ONES ARE REAL =) I filmed it so i know its legit !!!!!!!

  11. nmnn95 says:


  12. archeologycom says:

    Better check this video before you think you know something about ufo ! Links: watch?v=R9veMGPsfiQ and second link:watch?v=OmQyJLUhDZc&feature=related ,
    “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves” – this said our Saviour Jesus christ in hebrew: Yeshua Ha’Mashiach, Matthew 7:15, King James Bible

  13. tgonzalez12345 says:

    O.K I am now officially a believer.:o

  14. thadc136 says:

    guys this is obviously fake. they were filming iron man 3….

  15. fattydoe says:

    nothing strange about this. its not a ufo it is obviously god.

  16. ZeroXdan says:

    @Perplexer1 And which website is it?

  17. Perplexer1 says:

    It’s fake. The creators of these videos have already admitted it on their website.

  18. fossilshale says:

    @cmay917 i dont believe ufo but there is good website about aliens in bible, google for and go to watchers website, there is also report on israel women talking to aliens.

  19. fossilshale says:

    it was said that on every easter fire descends to holy sephulcre, witnessed my muslim arabs chroniclers also

  20. GrassPossum says:


    Moron. Context is all and in any context you are truly vile, little man.

  21. Indie9999 says:

    … mirror the edges. And you can see evidence of the mirroring at certain points in the video. I say all this because I saw the video a couple of days ago and was blown away, however after a short while reading on the net I found many people talking about the evidence of its fakery. Do some research and you will also see why this video is a fake.

  22. Indie9999 says:

    It is a fake, there’s evidence of video editing software. The shake of the camera follows a pattern, it never deviates from a certain area, implying that it was artificially added. Which means that it was on a tripod originally, which means that the UFO itself could easily have been overlayed using video editing software. Also when an artificial shake is added you will be left with black borders when the shake goes outside of the original edge, but a simple trick is to mirror the edges.

  23. cmay917 says:

    tell me about it! i believe this and support the disclosure project

  24. 1123359 says:

    jesus is returning soon…..

  25. DSYPOWORLD says:


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