HUGE UFO cigar shaped metallic ufo object caught on camera in Denton, Manchester UK 2011. object was just visible to the naked eye. Was in the sky for around 40 minutes before raising so high that it could not be seen at all. UFO means unidentified flying object so I’m not saying it was little green men, but still… Interesting to watch. The camera is so shaky because it was at full zoom, and knowing how high it appeared in the sky (higher than planes) I’m guessing its size was massive. tHE BEST UFO EVER RECORDED Please comment on HUGE UFO FOOTAGE
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  1. HsuehLiWang says:

    plz spread this video to the furthest range of the Internet! People must see this!!

  2. MrSlik777 says:

    HD 😉 epic work God bless

  3. njorgensen1154 says:

    Wow very nice catch. A mother ship for drones.

  4. omex2005 says:

    @lagoula no sorry this is all i got, the object was so high up it took me ages to find it in the viewfinder as the camera only picked it up when it shined in the light. thanx for the last comment i will try to add more tags 😀

  5. lagoula says:

    Hello, do you have a long version of this video ?

  6. lagoula says:

    Maybe try to rename your video, with more key word also, cause its a great video, and that sad to see people dont find it on search, when i type UFO, its very hard to find it again…

  7. lagoula says:

    Very nice video in HD , its very rare footage of the cigar ufo, always filmed blurred before by others… thanks to your nice camera ! cause the ufo flying very high ! , iv also already see this cigar by myself! i hope i can do a nice video of this cigar ufo a day, i wait to buy a full hd camera also, with the better optical zoom, and i hope i will see it again clearly like last november 2010 , i live south of france..

  8. halowarskid says:

    OMG! i from manchester too, that is such an awesome sight dude! 😀

  9. doddzy129 says:

    Good vid omex I seen this type of object around three years ago.

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