Great UFO evidence ever seen

this is not fake, i tape this video in chile, probably the best ufo evidence ever recorded on camera
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  1. OverTheBrinks says:

    @eniquity123 Where’s the proof where’s the proof… STFU already I give all those in search into the unkown credit, at least their searching, people like you on the other hand will die thinking you know all and you cannot stand when something is being presented as possibility. Tired of glancing over comments such as yours.

  2. OverTheBrinks says:

    @HAHIncorporated What is a life. Can you define what life really is, and how many forms life exists in, and add to that the wonders mysteries and unexplanitoriness of this what we call world and universe and beyond all of that into that which we do not know. OF COURSE YOU DON’T AND CAN’T EXPLAIN, ONLY OUR CREATOR CAN.

  3. Midnight08 says:

    This reminds me a lot of the Phoenix Lights.

  4. glasgowdrive says:

    @eniquity123 there will never be real proof if everyone keeps dismissing every piece of footage as fake. most are garbage, but a few, i can tell are real.

  5. altarimagesnet says:

    This is an xlnt video. I think this video was captured from another angle. Closer and to the right. Paste “Massive UFO Fleet Over Chile march 2011” in the search bar and judge for yourself. As each UFO peels by one..the other video shows the ufo’s coming at that camera angle. The years don’t matchup on these videos but it looks like the same sequence and time of day…Somebody should sync the two videos on a splitscreen and repost it on YouTube..

  6. thepokemon757 says:

    check the alien video when they were talking to a real alien….its part 0f 2012….Were going to die 2012 juist a few months what do we do…UFOs Will be crashing we dont kno when but its true….Fellows of youtube w4e shall ALL GET TOGETHER AND SAVE THIS FUCKED UP MESSED UP SCERWED UP WORLD together we get with the rest of our friends PLZ copy and paste this into a alot of videos if u want to live made by thepokemon757

  7. reedsjsa says:

    Thata trainmanon the side of the mountain!!!
    You people really need to think!

  8. HAHIncorporated says:

    Lol. All you people that belive this CRAP Should get a Friggin life.

  9. 123Joker2008 says:

    see the movie skyline
    its the best alien movie since independence day

  10. st0nedallday says:

    apparently their cloaking technology is useless near mountains! what a joke

  11. matefromitaly says:

    Perhaps they are using a wormhole, or a stargate… maybe

  12. eniquity123 says:

    If this is the best evidence there is then it’s evident that after all these years there is no evidence whatsoever. Where’s the real proof !

  13. xXEmoGirlzRockXx says:

    holy shit! I’ve seen this video…. but not this video! It’s from another angle…
    sorry, I’m blond.

  14. ROFLniphe says:

    i think their angels

  15. chrisbarry44 says:

    there must be a purpose for the light show.

  16. malenkov says:

    Cars, nothin’ but cars!

  17. JFguitar22 says:

    @JFguitar22 and as i see its more than 100m/h its more 200!

  18. JFguitar22 says:

    People who say these things are cars are just dumb….look how fast they go…who will drive about 100 m/h in the mountain

  19. JFguitar22 says:

    @Fossick car ?? this is the most stupid explanation ever……who will drive about 200 m/h in a mountain

  20. JFguitar22 says:

    @malenkov the most shitty explanation ever

  21. acaticlopez says:

    this seem to be organic, and are thriving on the surface of the moon, these kind of fly when they move, but are luminus when standing still and can easily disappear, and reappear, they travel from the moon to earth it seems or unless they live in both atmospheres, and u can see these on the so call ” tether incident”

  22. shawn36g says:

    Its just the reflection in their window from headlights of the cars outside. You can even hear them.

  23. OuttaEgypt says:

    I’m gonna go with Stephen Hawking’s opinion on this one: They’re here to screw us over. The human race is in for seriously rude awakening.
    And those people who watch videos like these and ridicule the evidence are the ones who are gonna shit their pants the most when these things finally come down and make their presence officially known. Denial stems from fear, I should know, I was one of those idiots who scoffed at this sort of stuff for a really long time.

  24. stuie030273 says:


  25. howardb42006 says:

    very similar to the Phoenix lights…

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