Giorgio A. Tsoukalos on the Nazca Lines & Elongated Skulls

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos has often been described as the real-life Indiana Jones. As a trailblazer he is changing the way the world thinks about the Ancient Astronaut Theory. As the world’s leading Ancient Astronaut expert, Giorgio has appeared on The History Channel, the Travel Channel, the National Geographic Channel, the Sci-Fi Channel, Coast to Coast AM and many other international television and radio programs talking about the latest discoveries in the Ancient Astronaut field. Giorgio A. Tsoukalos is the Publisher of Legendary Times Magazine, the world’s only and definitive Ancient Astronaut Journal, and he is the Director of Research of the Center for Ancient Astronaut Research. Come and explore the Mysteries of the World with leading ancient mysteries expert Giorgio A. Tsoukalos! Don’t Die Wondering! Crack the Code… To find out more, go to: and/or
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  1. MALIKAGAA says:

    i like it.

  2. EternasSolara says:

    That last clip was from a NG documentary!
    Aha, it was mocking me. I just saw it AFTER I turned in my Ancient Astronaut Theory research paper…

  3. jtrny07 says:

    yeah this guy is gooooooood………. my from peru

  4. nevidenoseljaciste says:

    That at 2.40 is a 1.000.000 % True , and the ancient astronaut theory is a 1.000.000 % true also…
    And I’m starting to be iritated from this “mainstream science” ignorance !

  5. SuperMoviemania says:

    I’m living in Canada now, but i’m from Peru, Lima ( Next province to Nazca, Ica. ) and i saw all those things. And you are the first one from outside that actually make sense ! I love your documentary. All those things you said are sooo true !!!

  6. wisapolito says:

    Love your work!

  7. fffaaabian says:


  8. defect530 says:

    This is so TRUE! Most people are to ignarant and closed minded to even listen! the facts are out there!

  9. sophiegromit says:


  10. LongReachOne says:

    Thanks, Giorgio–can’t wait for the next issue.

  11. sadafadil says:

    very strange and nice video.

  12. PatrickVonSteiner says:

    Great video, it’s nice to see a fellow comrade in youtube talking about the Ancient Astronauts theory.

  13. sergiodirect says:

    Another GREAT video featuring Giorgio (the real-life Indiana Jones!) representing the Classic Ancient Astronaut Theory! What an awesome and informative primer/summary for the Nazca mystery.

    Of all the people claiming to be the real-life Indiana Jones, Giorgio REALLY IS THE ONE! Look at him! He travels all around the world to investigate the mysteries he talks about first hand and in person! He’s awesome! Thank you Giorgio for all the work you do for us!

  14. sergiorambolt says:

    for sure 100 %

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