Crop Circles & Energy Points David Wilcock Coast to Coast am Date: 08-10-10 Host: George Noory Guests: David Wilcock Intuitive researcher, lecturer and filmmaker David Wilcock discussed his recent research on crop circles and energy vortexes. According to the work of Ivan Sanderson, there are 12 points (or ‘Vile Vortices’) around the Earth where ships and planes disappear, not just the Bermuda Triangle. Storms tend to begin in these areas, which also exhibit gravitational anomalies and magnetic fluctuations. These points, via particles and vibration, affect the geometric shape of the continents and the atmosphere, Wilcock detailed. This past July he traveled to England to observe crop circles first hand, including one formation that was octahedral in shape. While agreeing that some circles are human-made, he noted that researchers have found the soil under crop circles to have drier, looser consistency than the soil near by. Crystals have also been found in the crop circle soil, which could only grow at temperature levels that would normally be much too hot for the plants to survive, he said. “The reason why these crystals are forming and the soil gets so dry is that the technology that makes these circles involves drawing water up out of the ground,” Wilcock suggested. He connected the patterns of crop circles with the geometric processes of the Earth’s vortexes. Further, some of the crop circles’ symbolic messages have related to DNA change and soul evolution, as well as the downfall of the
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  1. createrainbowz says:

    Great upload thank you
    ONE LOVE : )

  2. BethWithes says:

    Ugh, Noory’s questions are soooo clueless! Wilcock shows admirable patience; it’s like a Neanderthal interviewing Tesla. Agree with didikh below that Kavassilas is the goods…see his recent interview on Project Camelot for the best “big picture” world view I’ve found yet.

  3. guitaristdude0 says:

    Am I the only person who thinks he has a lot of good information but like David Icke has that untrue part or probably I don’t know but I never saw enough proof in Wilcock’s alternate universe and Icke’s reptiles? I mean Wilcock could mean the astral but it isn’t really a universe and there is many levels unless someone can find me more proof on the subject as I do kinda like other universes I just thought they would only be like hypothetical astral things lol.

  4. rahungry says:

    @didikh I like him too, George Kavassilas is also good. : )

  5. didikh says:

    It is truth also good waves make the one who have power scare, it show since the world is on.I know that and feel it each day of my life.
    It is like Mooji , I dont know if you know him ..He said I quote” what make us float we forget rapidly” but a bad waves we keep it inside . Why are we like that much better to feel float inside

  6. didikh says:

    Great David, I like all your speachs, like the one’s of Nassim

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