Crop Circles Decoded?

Some believe they have decoded a few crop circles. Peace Everyone


  1. AcidoHZ says:

    it’s quite intereting but now that i looked up more info about the code, I think the ‘answer’ we got is a little too predictable. Isn’t it exactly what we expected? small creater with those stereotype big heads and hollow eyes, and more advanced than humans? Also they would have Si-chains in they body instead of C is kinda predactable. Even though I thought Si-chains couldn’t be as long as their representative C ones … I don’t beleive in it cause of the predicability.

  2. divassabvbg says:

    Mariana Vezneva reads, asks questions and receives answers since long ago.

  3. bigboy4006 says:

    I noticed that on the second crop circle, that the symbol for the Areceibo Radio Telescope is replace by a fractal-like shape. If what was sent into space by Carl Sagan is an ‘antenna,’ representative of Areceibo, than the fractal shape may be an antenna also. I know fractal antennas exist, and they’re better at bringing in radio signals than other types of antenna. Could the fractal shape in the second crop circle be a large fractal antenna?

  4. USSRxUkrainexRussia says:

    it must be Americanos Aliens..if you not speak English..u not speak at all..

  5. ZiorSamuel says:

    SEVEN SEVEN SEVEN TRUE = 777 in x3
    TRIPLE SEVEN IS GOD WORD = 777 in x3
    YAH IS THE TRIPLE SEVENS = 777 in x3
    YEHOVAH IS TRULY GREAT = 777 in x3

    A=3 B=6 C=9 D=12 E=15 F=18 and so on all the way to Z in multiples of 3. Add it up for yourself.

  6. 01zack says:

    @Cubepusher88 Government might trade me for something or someone but “aliens” intelligent creatures i doubt they would such thing ! In other words I am more scared of other humans !

  7. IGITnBLACK says:

    that’s an interesting hypothesis. Could be the picture of a well known person we depend that is trying to decieve us and these “Aliens” are trying to warn us about it…..or just some artistic kids who just doesn’t like obama. lol

  8. kimcholon says:

    Beware the bearers of false gifts & their broken promises
    Much pain but still time
    There is good out there
    We oppose deception
    Conduit closing

  9. mrfester42 says:

    @Cubepusher88 I agree BUT I believe contact was made with our government long ago and who knows what has taken place behind the scenes to out detriment!

  10. abrook888 says:

    the face is Obama ..look up Hawaiian obama sunglasses picture …beware of the deceiver!

  11. truthseekers666 says:

    google circlemakerstv and youtube search circlemakerstv and learn the truth… something they dont want you to see or hear

  12. mimaiden35 says:

    We all have a sense wich is able to detect what’s right and what’s wrong… try to find and use it to find what’s right. I obviously can’t dominate it but I know we all have it.

  13. movement26 says:

    Aliens are going to travel light years through the cosmos…………And then leave obscure messages in English fields……….A known fact about the English is their sense of humour……….Monty Python anyone.

  14. Earthonian says:

    @Evilatem If you go through the interviews ( I know there are a lot of hours!) you will find that reasonable researchers who once “believed” like Pyrka and Andrews have changed their minds. Others know but don’t say as they make an income promoting the myth. But just because they are man made doesn’t mean nothing spooky is going on. The circlemakers encounter some paranormal stuff and some believe they may even be channelled to create some of them. Telepathy perhaps?

  15. Evilatem says:

    Cool website but “real” circles will even adapt for the contours of the ground and make ellipses so they look like circles from above. I doubt their rendering software does that plus the ground radiation and gain mutation just help weed out the fake ones.

  16. LegendBoy101 says:

    @movement26 Do you EXPECT them to know our language right away? I mean there like hundred of language on Earth and what make you think they have to spell ENGLISH word correctly? Instead of being an english teacher, just try and look at the whole sentences.

  17. Earthonian says:

    @Evilatem If you are serious about research I suggest you check out circlemakerstvdotorg

  18. mixwist says:

    Crop circles are man made, all of them. This myth is being perpatrated by people who have a vested interest in maintaining the lie.

  19. passholer says:

    video loads and quits @ 1:03 anyone else?

  20. kasimhussain21 says:

    Thanks for uploading this..It was great…fits quite nicely :)

  21. EnigmaUniverse says:

    Hi Cubepusher88, I agree 110%, You said “I am not so scared of the aliens in themselves, as the humans”. So true. You also said “in other words our government. I am afraid of what they might do, and act during this first contact” That is an understatement! I have always worried about that. But you are so right. Thanks for checking out the video and the good comment. Have a good one.


  22. exposingthemachine says:

    I call then “crap” circles. They are designed to change the morphogenetic grid of an area. They are created from Brookhaven National Labs, transmitted to satellites and then beamed to Earth. They are made electromagnetically and
    imprinted on the pattern of the location. They were not made by our Space Brothers
    They choose ley lines where ELF can be directly entered into the energy grids of the Earth. Sure, you may think these designs look pretty and intricate, but there is a clever disguise

  23. Cubepusher88 says:

    I am not so scared of the aliens in themselves, as the humans, who are to make that first contact, in other words our government.
    I am afraid of what they might do, and act during this first contact….

    For example if first contact was held when Bush the 2nd was in power… scary though right?

  24. samme135 says:

    maybe but its difficult to understand them

  25. reppingAiEa says:

    @samme135 there are many different types of aliens in the universe. These one may be trying to warn us about something

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