Crop Circles Complexity -it is red because, crop and computer picture realize from the crop have been superposed -The geometric picture have been made AFTER the crop circles apparition. It exists videos of the same crop Song: “The Final Battle” Joe Harnell from V: The Visitors (Kenneth Johnson) /!\ Expulsions cavities – Radioisotopes – Magnetic abnormalities – Amidon cristallography XRay modification : with only ropes, sticks and boards? WOUAWW !! /!\ Europium, Tellurium, Iodine126, Bismuth205, Protectinum230, Vanadium48, Ytberbium169 are NOT found in nature and are ONLY synthetizable by synchrotron and are detected in crop circles (Agroglyph in French it is more relevant:) In 1999 an important document was published in France entitled, UFOs and Defense: What must we be prepared for? (“Les Ovni Et La Defense: A quoi doit-on se préparer?”). This ninety-page report is the result of an in-depth study of UFOs, covering many aspects of the subject, especially questions of national defense. The study was carried out over several years by an independent group of former “auditors” at the Institute of Advanced Studies for National Defense, or IHEDN, and by qualified experts from various fields. Before its public release, it has been sent to French President Jacques Chirac and to Prime Minister Lionel Jospin. The report is prefaced by General Bernard Norlain of the Air Force, former Director of IHEDN, and it begins with a


  1. MrJaysChannel says:

    @NewfoundsGuitarist assasians creed XD

  2. MrJaysChannel says:

    @NewfoundsGuitarist assasians creed XD

  3. GiovanniMariaTommaso says:

    Amazing & absolutely beautiful with a spiritual flare for design, shape, symmetry, and color, all symbols of creation; the God of life as we know it is the author & creator of life universal life throughout the Cosmos. The music is absurdly spooky to enhance fear which is OK because a healthy fear (AWE) is the only way that mankind might become able to see the light.

  4. Bullpuma says:

    oh i get it. everyone thinks these are computer generated images!

  5. AllWalksofLife says:

    @Bullpuma Um, no you weren’t. Lol, I hadn’t ever commented or replied to anything youve ever said before I pointed that out, sorry …

  6. NewfoundsGuitarist says:

    Abstergo at 0:58

  7. RaRitsujun says:

    damn aliens, stop hiding from us

  8. Jbr1975 says:

    @fuckmania07 Madcap rambling shit like that puts you on a par with islamic extremists…….follow our religion or die!!!! what a load of crap! oh, 2012 and all that! Get a life! So how is the world going to end, prohet of doom?

  9. ZiorSamuel says:

    BLACK EYED GREYS ARE SATANIC LIE = 777 in x3 THE CIA PROMOTING ALIEN LIES = 777 in x3 MASERS MAKE THE CROP CIRCLES = 777 in x3 THE USA IS MAKING CROP CIRCLE = 777 in x3 SEVEN SEVEN SEVEN TRUE = 777 in x3 TRIPLE SEVEN IS GOD WORD = 777 in x3 YAH IS THE TRIPLE SEVENS = 777 in x3 THE ALPHANUMERICS OF YAH = 777 in x3 YEHOVAH IS TRULY GREAT = 777 in x3 YEHOVAH GOD IS VERY GREAT = 777 in x3 A=3 B=6 C=9 D=12 E=15 F=18 and so on all the way to Z in multiples of 3. Add it up for yourself.

  10. Aatheorist says:

    @unknownymous911 Yeah! Hollywood movies really is something else… People should start thinking for themselves, rather than doing what they’ve been told :-)

  11. Aatheorist says:

    @unknownymous911 Seriously man… you’re talking about crop circles. My MOM could probably make a crop circle, but she would leave footprints behind 😉 besides, 3G sucks bigtime!

  12. Lemure333 says:


  13. fuckmania07 says:



  14. unknownymous911 says:

    @TheMegaOverlord14 Also Iam completely speechless about the developments that Hollywood made in their movies. It leaves me in awe. Now a days, those characters in the movies looks soo real!! How do they make that sort of stuff??

    The point iam trying to make is that the capabilities of human beings are unthinkable. What seems “impossible” for laymen is extremely easy for the person who knows the technique behind it.

    People should start think about things instead of blindly believing them.

  15. unknownymous911 says:

    @TheMegaOverlord14 Man. Seriously you are really influenced by these stuff. To your question, I would say, I don’t know how those complex crop circles were made. Honestly,NO CLUE about that. I also have NO CLUE about human beings invented these stuffs such as High speed 3G internet,Blue-tooth, those 3D games,etc.

  16. permaveg says:

    @180TheDragon I think that is a rather simplistic view of what happened over the years. “Lawnmower”? dont be so ridiculous ! i wish aliens would abduct you to see if intelligent life exists in your grey matter. I think your a bit confused,” people want to fool the hoaxers” ? no, the hoaxers want to fool the people, hence the name Hoaxer, confusing ideas it would seem for some.

  17. permaveg says:

    @truthseekers666 What subtle self advertising, cunning.

  18. 180TheDragon says:

    Its such a pity… some guy wakes up one day.. has nothing to do and makes some drawings on his field… a while later it becomes a hoax that aliens are coming, devil is coming etc… and even more people want to fool the hoaxers by making theese nice pieces of art in their fields! and its even more pitty that some people still believe these have an alien nature! wake up and smell the coffee guys! i can go and take my lawnmower making all kinds of images! and then say aliens abducted me! 😀

  19. anttrap321 says:

    <--- ATTACK HERE

  20. truthseekers666 says:

    circlemakerstv on youtube

  21. truthseekers666 says:

    google circlemakerstv and youtube search circlemakerstv and learn the truth… something Gary doesnt want you to see or hear IMHO.

  22. Aatheorist says:

    Anyone claiming to know how cc’s are made should seek help.. seriously. They’re convinced that all of them are man-made because someone made hoax videos or crappy circles.. It’s even worse when it comes to UFO-videos, most of them are probably a hoax, and it destroys the credibility of the real ones. Truth is, cc’s are nowhere near the best evidence of alien existence/intervention we have here on earth. If you know anything about ancient texts and archeological finds, you can’t deny it :)

  23. zoonbk says:

    apart from the circles and triangles that normal crop circles have i noticed that 2 or 3 of them had the meander which is mostly seen in the ancient greek art.

  24. websuspect says:

    :05 is a warp gate for intergalactic travel. 12 is a symbol for the intergalactic federation and cooperation. 1:40 is the symbol for the active magnetic field for a given magnetic object. 1:14 is a binary star system.

  25. TheMegaOverlord14 says:

    @unknownymous911 Even the way how the crops themselves are handled. They look like they are crushed, but instead, they are bended and are still growing horrizontally! There are many mysteries, some are unsolved, so that is why we are here. To learn the truth about what is making these. And I must say it is nothing we have!

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