Crop Circles 2010 – Look Closer

This video shows the best of the 2010 crop circle formations. I have now posted a similar video of the 2011 crop circles at:
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  1. Kharn1914 says:

    never thought about a secret black government?
    there are alot more strange things
    but soon they wont be able to keep those things secret

  2. rhk231 says:

    @permaveg Ok I can be made by ufos and Nasa knows it but I think these ufo are man made. And it is the part of military secret mission …

  3. COMBINEdotCOM says:

    because we cannot be trusted if the goverment said hey were testing ufos in nevada a bunch of terrorists would fuck shit up if they said there is a 10th planet and its gonna kill us we would start mass panic

  4. moya138 says:

    You can tell a fake from the real ones by the corn nodes.

  5. AikenBruce says:

    @damrog147 You could use a string and would be all possible to make, but the discipline and knowledge these creators of the crop circles display is of divine nature.

  6. AikenBruce says:

    @buzzer743 Government is being controlled by an evil spiritual force that wishes to enslave man.

  7. JohnnyEK says:

    just love the picture at 3.13

  8. buzzer743 says:

    Buzzer Why not tell every one ? No ones going to get hurt,are they?!!

    Kind regards George

  9. smacker57 says:

    @buzzer743: The less people know, the easier they are to control by the people that do.

  10. Pedossaurus says:

    @Zennrabbit Many of this crop circles are made after agreement (£) with farmers. The next day, they fee reporters and reseachers to let them visit the ‘unexplained phenomenon’;-) It’s very profit for them, specialy in a bad year for agriculture.
    source: circlemakers(.)org

  11. Pedossaurus says:

    @buzzer743 Good question. Why, ALL OF THEM would bother with it? I can imagine how they schedule the (I assume) secret meetings, with all nations (above 200) – UN dept? – to keep the world safe from the terrifying revelation! Or maybe isolated each other, EVERY of them, secretly concerned with our safe? But… How do they control independent researchers, ALL OF THEM, those nasty agitators scaring innocent people? Mmmh… Maybe they don’t bother, I’d say, but that’s just me (and you, right?)

  12. Pedossaurus says:

    @channelle74 circlmakers(.)org give the answer to all of your questions.

  13. Adjm21400 says:

    3:19, the interaction between four planets.

  14. Adjm21400 says:

    2:50, Yin and Yang.

  15. Adjm21400 says:

    2:41 It means eclipse. When the moon is in front of the sun.

  16. Adjm21400 says:

    @Zennrabbit What is this song called?

  17. legin2011 says:

    I used to think these things were made but the more I see the less I believe any human/s could make these things overnight in a field without being noticed.

  18. TheYnnad77 says:

    no matter wich crop circle you look at you always have tire tracks that intersect or touch a tip of the design somewhere

  19. coltsindiana says:

    @Zennrabbit see here in youtube: Nassim Haramein he has the answer

  20. Zennrabbit says:

    @buzzer743 Not sure if ‘cover-up’ is the right term, certainly it’s no secret that they exist. It would be fair to say, though, that governments and the military have taken more of an interest in them than they have perhaps admitted to. I’m not sure they have any more idea about them than we do. If there is a cover-up going on, it’s the researchers that are behind it, as it is becoming clear to me that many are not telling us all they know about the crop circles. (see my 2011 vid – out soon)

  21. Zennrabbit says:

    @DebbieD33 Thank you Debie! Glad you liked it! The 2011 version will be online soon!

  22. Zennrabbit says:

    @permaveg Yes, it’s incredible. Shots of it will be on my 2011 video.

  23. buzzer743 says:

    Why does the Goverments of the world cover it up? Please some one answer my question

  24. permaveg says:

    @Zennrabbit Have you seen the recent formation in a remote area of China, its huge and was put down in sand ! not a crop circle i know but quite amazing never the less.

  25. DebbieD33 says:

    That was so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes. Thank You!

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