Crop Circles 2009 – 2010

Who? What? Why?! Some say man made maybe HAARP or Scalar energy, some say ET, and some say the Earth (Gaia) herself produces these wonderful geometrically perfect crop circles… This years season is only days away – what will it bring? No one claims to make these crop circles – and those that do never show how they can… Electromagnetic fields, right angled stems that seem to have been heated from the inside out (much like a microwave), and peculiar growing patterns of the crops effected – some stay year round even after the harvest imprinted like a tattoo… One theory is the Earth produces these vibrations that appear in specific areas that lay along ‘energetic grid lines’ that the Earth naturally has… Another is these are messages from our cosmic brothers and sisters, just to say “Hi! We’re here!” – or to actually help balance the Earth with positive energies that replenish a lot of what we take of her… One thing is for sure – no one has ever been caught in the process of making one – no one has come forward and claimed making the ‘real’ crop circles, and no one can explain exactly why they are made in the first place… So sit back, relax and enjoy these two videos – the first is in chronological order of the real crop circles that appeared, and the other is crop circle spins (one to bend zee mind a little – and even help expand your conscience).. Download all the crop circle images & Swirlies 0.3 here: Enjoy! :)
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  1. disc88miss says:

    Superbe vidéo… Thank you very much… Salutations de France…

  2. likezappydancers says:

    excellent, gratitude, blessings….wonder, love :)

  3. jixtimo says:

    see the signs – that should do the trick – time is running out – your choice makes the difference – the last message _- : – time is running out – it’s up to you – you can MAKE THE POSITIVE DIFFERENCE – there is now some time – after a while – NONE

  4. anhagene says:

    @ollis123charger Because they arent able to think by them self. They just think they way they are rased to think.

  5. sasunata says:


  6. LucyGoozie says:

    The last one is awesome :)

  7. ollis123charger says:

    People who think this is made by humas are so fucking stupid. This is definitely NOT made by humans. why are people so fucking stupid?

  8. transuk68 says:

    The genuine ones re-appear as ghost formations the next season on the same spot.

  9. runescapeownsx5 says:

    this is cool but whoever is doing this stay the f* away from my garden :/

  10. jessicacaca1000 says:

    continue to become more and more sophisticated ..

  11. vladislaav says:

    the human butterfly is massive…530m X 450m…remarkable…

  12. Stillahills says:

    Maybe the crop circles are a residual effect, some sort of branding created as a byproduct from embedding something into the environment, or a byproduct from some sort of reading done, such as an examination which left a scar.

  13. amd1507 says:

    Hi folks ! Very nice video, but where i can find all of this crop circle drawings ? The real picture are cool but i find more details in drawings .Many Thanks !

  14. SuperJude12 says:

    it couldnt have been done by any humans… unless it was the guy off art attack

  15. lawnsausages says:

    @louthleviathan are you serious? There’s no way humankind can make crop circles? you commented on the music, guess it’s less than a bunch of idiots ruining some farmers crops…or wait, is this music from aliens!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. deejaymirzamuntaha says:

    menurut kalian apa bisa yang ad diphoto2 in dikerjain 1 mlm??

  17. iamsehao says:

    who made those crop circle??? unbelievable…

  18. urbano83 says:

    3:53 It looks like the Nazca Line “The Hummingbird” in Peru.

  19. RiX20xx says:

    2:35 its a mushroom!

  20. nasdvoje1 says:

    Amazing video and music!!!!!

  21. RebelOfTheTruth says:

    N!cE V!DeO… LoVe & PeAce

  22. tuffythetiger says:

    @trollinnrickrollin1 Science sometimes confirm scripture without wanting too.Did you know that in the old testament pork was an uncleaned meat.and that fish without scales are also unclean and not good to eat.Science discover pork is the most acidic meat of all meats.and fishes from the ocean with out scales are high in cholesterol especially lobster.It is that simple, last comment.

  23. trollinnrickrollin1 says:

    @tuffythetiger if you didn’t get the memo but science and the bible don’t mix buddy

  24. ParaglidingManiac says:

    Why aren’t we seeing news reports on some of the new appearing crop circles?

  25. 666Excorsist says:


    Deserts have winds, the “desert” circles would be blown away by wind, same with the beach. With crops they would stay there till harvested, and by then someone would of noticed.

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