Comet Elenin Matches “Crop Circle-Dated for 9/11/11” “Deep Impact” Orbits, Planetary Positions.

Plz Comment and Like/Dislike. Elenin/Planet Positions Match Captured Frame from “Deep Impact”. Info., on the Swiss Franc 9/26/11 Planetary Positions Match . YU55 Inside Elenins Tail on 9/11/11,Both Closest to Sun. Aliens New Extended & Revised, Comet Elenin Matches ‘Deep Impact’ Events Happening Now! New Final Part 2- Comet Elenin Matches ‘Deep Impact’ Events Happening Now! Please check these “Orbital Diagrams” yourself at: • The 9.0 Earthquake & Tsunami in Japan, Video extended to 11.11 minutes. • Oil Platform Destroyed, “The Gulf Disaster” & “Two Suns Over the Capital”. • Battle: Los Angeles clip. “A Cluster of Meteors”, Elenin may be a cluster of 100’s of comets. • Destruction of the “Twin Towers”. Destruction of the “Statue of Liberty”. “Martial Law” • Crop Circle-dated for Sept 11, 2011(I discovered date) Elenin closest point to the sun. • Swiss franc matches Planetary Positions for Sept 26th. Elenin passing between Earth/Sun • Captured frame matches, JPL Orbital sim., Planetary Positions for June 21st 2011. • 9nania predicted a BIG EARTHQUAKE TO COME! Get Away From the Fault Zones!!! Here are just a few similarities: • The launch of the space shuttle Atlantis, meeting the Russians on the ISS. • Obama bringing home 33000 troops. • Two weeks till USA budget solved. Obama and Congress fighting over it now. Vid made 7/17 • The resignation of the “Secretary of Treasury” in August. • “The
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  1. wrathfeeling says:

    @DENCOmonitor unless the truth be revealed on telly, and we get caught in our innocent play on the internet

  2. ravenwolf789 says:

    A rogue commet(not elenin) 1350 diameter will hit offshore NY city and destroy 13 states on the east coast and ultimatly the world. It is recorded in rev 18:21- the target coordinates are calculated by description in 18!comet “Elenin” will reach parihelion on sept 11th 2011,10 year anniversary of sept 11 2001 so the people on the east coast are warned to go on vacation those times inland over 400 miles.

    Babylon America is about to be destroyed by the arm and fury of the Most High

  3. acacaca553 says:

    @FORGOTTENFEW1 It doesn’t approach the same way every time because the earth is moving also and it isn’t every 3600 years precisely because if Earth and Elenin move it is impossible that each time they encounter in the same way and in the same timeframe.There were disasters on earth around 9500BC but this time it might get closer or further away than the last time.It isn’t a clockwork cycle each time its different.But all the planets are registering temperature rise which is concerning

  4. Coobeans89 says:

    lol imagin that the thing seen in the sky is there now

  5. DjOttsel1234 says:

    @FORGOTTENFEW1 fakin aria 51

  6. FORGOTTENFEW1 says:

    dont believe a source that has no proof to his claim… if you didnt know youtube and wiki isnt NASA or FEMA. any 40 year old virgin can say the world will end. remember Y2K? we were just as scared if not worst then now! and the odds of it hitting every 3600 years is IMPOSSIBLE! if that really happened the world would be venus on steroids. it would take millions of years to recover from something like that not freaking every 3600 years! its all a hoax made by the NWO… the comet is harmless…

  7. FORGOTTENFEW1 says:

    you guys are sheep… yes there is a comet coming but are we really going to go in hysteria everytime a comet passes by? odds of a comet like that hitting EARTH and completely missing jupiter saturn etc is like trying to hit a 3 cm target with a glock 400 meters away… it WONT hit us it will pass by us but it WILL effect the earth in some ways but not end of the world stuff. besides the earthquakes are caused by the annual polar shift earth haves every couple hundred thousand years…or the NWO

  8. FORGOTTENFEW1 says:

    @DENCOmonitor yesah they have new shuttles dude… we are focusing on the journey to mars now.

  9. jasonmildward says:

    @DENCOmonitor The Final Mission with that Shuttle..

  10. ValmisFilm says:

    1:07 what movie was this from?

  11. DENCOmonitor says:

    Did anyone else find it suspicious that MSM kept calling the shuttle missions “the second to last” and “FINAL” missions?

    I believe we have been played…

  12. sunwarz says:

    @vLordChronicv What do you mean IF! There is! Havn’t you been following the news!

  13. sunwarz says:

    Too many coincedences, Something is going on here! This is just too in your face! But a really good puzzle,Thanks for finding the peices! Please keep looking!

  14. vLordChronicv says:

    you guys are crazy. If there is an asteriod heading at us. Then watever we all dead. Life always ends. What is point of this? to make people know that they only have a few months to live in fear?

  15. redrum41987 says:

    @barry30061974 depends I would say its jupiter though

  16. loopholestrain says:

    cool theory man

  17. barry30061974 says:

    question to all who reads this.. at night looking east in the sky a bright star appears same area for a few days now well during clears skys its been raining for quite some time but i noticed it last few days can someone tell me what it would be. I hear mars or venus or would that bright star thats in the sky would it be Elenin. mmmm it puzzles me

  18. Tomekwinxs says:

    It cannot happen.

  19. amberkw1085 says:

    Everytime I hear this music it reminds me of the movie requiem for a dream.

  20. Georgeq66 says:

    I wish someone would interview Morgan Freeman!

  21. kidjr27 says:

    HAARP is the elites way of hiding Nibiru.. They have other ways as well but dont believe for a second HAARP is the reason..



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