Building Stonehenge – This Man can Move Anything

Wally Wallington has demonstrated that he can lift a Stonehenge-sized pillar weighing 22000 lbs and moved a barn over 300 ft. What makes this so special is that he does it using only himself, gravity, and his incredible ingenuity.
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  1. bryonlape says:

    It would really be cool to actually see the technique.

  2. xxhagenxx says:

    Lol what did he do? I didn’t see anything. Look I’m flying I’m flying… Don’t you see? Too bad.

  3. gingerkidwithglasses says:

    Best slideshow ever.

  4. OmoOwa says:

    atleast use a cellphone camera instead of this stone age camcorder

  5. dieselvisel says:

    Which pixel is Wally?

  6. ukgreaterlondon says:

    our pagan gods put them here for us to enjoy .

  7. jonnysessions says:

    Poor from you, Redban

  8. Thisisdell says:

    this is fucking un-watchable. Bryan Redban FAIL!

  9. TisBoiGoTSkiLLz says:

    Joe Rogan :d

  10. DrLurch says:

    Stonehenge has more stones than this has pixels

  11. jssemi says:

    Watch the video here instead which actually works


  12. smokeassault117 says:

    why the fuck does this have 6,000 likes?

  13. ggwicz says:

    a´╗┐ better version of this can be found here (not a scam or anything just his video quality sucks)

    sciencestage [dot] com/v/951/building-stonehenge.html

  14. OceanderTethyseus says:

    how did this get 5 million views?

    what is the latest news on this guy and the progress of his new stone henge?

  15. Zackeizer96 says:

    over there > under Suggestions, click on the video titled “Man Moves Huge Blocks!” by user “EpistemeUM”. That video works.

  16. Zackeizer96 says:

    I came here because I heard about it on Joe Rogan’s podcast. This video is pretty disappointing. BTW, I still love Joe Rogan’s podcast.

  17. sketchrrrr says:

    was this made for gamegear? someone upload a better quality vid please :(

  18. bklask says:

    You can move huge stone pillars, but can’t operate a video camera. Kinda hard to take you seriously.

  19. dzeaz3231 says:

    Redban fail!!!!

  20. AAljin says:

    screw you brian this video sucks!

  21. 134e4t3ftsrdfsdfsdf says:

    For those of ya’ll who wants those movin’ pitcher kind of videos

    Damn fancy types, can’t just look at pitchers and be happy bout it

  22. cosmicway says:

    wow the word haters sure fly easy, im thinking the ones calling people haters are haters themselves, i dont hate anyone, but this would be better if it had video, if a person cant handle the bad comments, then dont post videos

  23. jssemi says:

    this is the same video which actually´╗┐ works


  24. foore20 says:

    Video sucks but Rogans the man, still love ya Redban.

  25. nickdesroches89 says:

    @gianboy2001 lmfao one of the funniest things ive read on youtube!

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