Brian Hughes – Nasca Lines

Under One Sky [1992] Purchase his music/DVD
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. iiLandBoii says:

    0:00 to 0:05 Reminds me of the Playstation 1 Theme Song or Whateva in the beginning lls

  2. vsdemir says:

    MmMmm… This song is resting my soul..

  3. forfaka says:


  4. nurrple says:

    hey everyone! its super hard to get the type of videos i make out there, so i was hoping if you read this comment, you could go and check em out! thanks =)

  5. n2motocross says:

    MAGNIFICENT! Pat Metheny and Brian Hughes take the guitar to a whole new level!

    Also, Thank God for The Weather Channel for playing their music!

  6. yinx1 says:

    This is none of the jazz tracks that shaped my interest in what is now smooth tracks. The whole of the album is a wonderful but this track is just awesome. It has everything in it pace, melody, timing, variety.. Beautiful. My regret was that whilst I was in LA in June 2003 I missed seeing him live.

  7. cooljazzlady says:

    Wonderful & Relaxing! 5*!!!

  8. LoungeTom says:

    That’s great! 😀

  9. Dhragonfly says:

    bryan hughes is awesome!!
    after the rain and andalusian are amazing songs!

  10. Kenor12 says:

    Finally! Anybody has a live performance of this song??

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