Best UFO video footage clips ever! August 2009

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. andrewtp21 says:

    @DrErkencho Nothing’s good enough for some people..

  2. andrewtp21 says:

    @cphilshaw Because the shock of seeing something like this makes it very difficult to remain calm enough to get a good shot. And because hardly anyone carries a pro quality camera with tripod around with them 24/7. But you’re right about some people being ever ready to yell UFO! And I’ve been blocked from commenting on “light in the sky” video’s like AustralianPhenomenon. Scientists have to submit their theoris for peer revue, why not us?!

  3. andrewtp21 says:

    @Top10Ufo His ex wife has shown the trash can lid he used to build the wedding-cake ufo with on tv, it even has the same hole in it. But it is possible he got caught up in the continual demand for photo’s etc as to why he faked stuff. Having a family and farm to support with only one arm must be hard. Not that I’m letting him off the hook for faking, but it totally destroys any credibility he may have had.

  4. billyd28709 says:

    @IGotHammer lmao

  5. ashluvsfoofighters says:

    @8drewski Thanx for letting me know i havnt finished watching it yet lol, Think ill skip the end.

  6. nukeacat says:

    i believe in alien but most of them are obviously fake heck one of the looked like the freak’n space shuttle

  7. DrErkencho says:

    Plastic bag, Blimp, Jet Flares, Clouds, Thunderstorms, Some fakes, Some Meteors, some lens condensation, lens defractions and light dwarfs, Some good share of military aircrafts, space junk, etc etc… and this is what you get every single time.

  8. implantdnb says:

    the name of the song?

  9. 8drewski says:


  10. NorwegianGardener says:

    why did u put in that crappy fake pic were u can see the line at 2:01?

  11. CokeXinXmyXnose says:

    thumbs up if you hit fuckin MUTE the second the pinball music came on…

  12. seko24041973 says:

    Billy Meier isn’t hoaxer. he published many self made faked photos to make himself into a hoaxer for protection – he was threatened and shot many times and the plejadians told him to photograph a 70cm model they brought him to photograph.
    he is authentic for real… but everyone can believe or laugh at… free will 😉

  13. cphilshaw says:

    The truth is out there: some people are incredibly credulous!
    How come these shots are always either out of focus/very poor quality or really obvious fakes? How about an in focus, indisputably genuine (passes shadow analysis for example) HD video?

  14. squallboy25 says:

    What’s with the stupid music?

  15. SergioWW1WW2 says:

    and one more thing, it’s very well known that 3:19 was an airplane.

  16. SergioWW1WW2 says:

    @Top10Ufo mmmmmm, dude, Billy Mayer’s material do has been proof as fake by a lot of great UFO investigators.

  17. paulr151 says:

    woww…most look pretty real!

  18. amanda31501 says:

    0:56 is just a quarter

  19. deadline27 says:

    @Top10Ufo yeah, meier has been proven to be a fake. sorry that you believe him. he uses trash can lids to make his models.

  20. frankenboston says:

    @Top10Ufo he used string and help fake UFOs in front of a stupid tree in his back yard,, he is real,, a real fake. however,, UFO’s are real,, there is so much, going on behind the world’s back, to do with control and scientific experiments,, for bad reasons.

  21. yezidi11 says:

    @30secondstomarscam ufo

  22. 30secondstomarscam says:

    what was the footage starting at 3:25? please i need to know

  23. frankenboston says:

    i love that techno song to this video,, and some of the footage is true real,, a few of them are definate mistaken earth craft or man made craft for sure. cmon givernment,, cmon,, there ya go doggy,, cmon,, aw good boy,, let the truth out,, cmon,, cmon now,, yeahh that’s a good boy !!! tell the people all the shit your hiding from us pertaining too alien races,, and real space ships.

  24. reedsjsa says:

    ohOk so if there are ufo’s then God is out the wall socket. AND! the bible was talking about alien? Right?? Comon man that just dont jive.

  25. Top10Ufo says:

    @djcryptid If Billy Meier has been proven to be a hoaxer, then I would. But there has not been any definitive proof that he is. People have tried to debunk his experiences for years and nobody has totally debunked everything. Until someone can prove him a hoaxer beyond a doubt, I believe him.

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