best UFO evidence ever seen

this is not fake, i tape this video in chile, probably the best ufo evidence ever recorded on camera
Video Rating: 3 / 5


  1. SeekTruthN0w says:

    If you are a truth seeker, search “Truth Contest” in Google and click on the 1st result, then open The Present and read what it says. Everyone needs to see this. The Present will turn this world right-side up if it reaches enough people. You will see what I mean when you read the first page.

  2. MrJamesanson says:

    Very obvious, a reflection in a glas window creates the effect…. Once the UFO reaches the skyline they have to stop it as the effect doesnt work anymore and you will just see the lights and no silloette of a craft. Simple…. Its a shame too many people try and fake these videos/pictures… it only searves to water down what really happens and take away the validity of REAL footage…

  3. Tharsis17 says:

    Odd how the footage stops just before you’d be able to see the object’s profile against the sky.

  4. animefan7077 says:

    omg guys ufo means unidentify flying object how do u know if it is fake?

  5. Fknms12 says:

    Maybe the best he has ever seen definetly not the best.

  6. Pianoshit15 says:

    This comment has been removed by the Government.

  7. xxthisyearslovexx says:

    So fake.

  8. niceprince says:

    @cnufosradio dude no one can climb that fast lol. but this is fake tho

  9. ceciliosullivan says:

    looks like a string of lanterns

  10. luvmyPT92ss says:

    it look like a bunch of bird

  11. cnufosradio says:


  12. davidtbrown1979 says:

    why does it fade completely out at the end, fake watch at the very end

  13. hihihihi411 says:

    @xbaymicx maybe the camera couldn’t hold anymore video and by the time the got it set up it was gone

  14. SkyLine9458 says:

    obviously fake

  15. kryshalis says:

    It’s the magical zombie jew…. I mean Jesus

  16. burtba says:

    Was the UFO behind the ‘flock of birds’??

  17. tremulent says:

    Why less than a minute? Keep that fucking camera on the ufo for as long as possible dude. video the aftermath… you are crazy

  18. emgunts says:

    do u believe in aliens???

  19. jokerballa23 says:

    he stops when it looks like its gonna do something cool ehhh wtf!!!

  20. jimmypop2006 says:

    simply a spot light on the mountain.

  21. lBeHlgh says:

    @xbaymicx or mabey this isnt the whole video. Mabey its a cell phone that has a record time limit. Mabey his camera battery died haha you never know

  22. iloversmusic1 says:

    is this real life O.o!

  23. FastLife79 says:

    Ive seen ufo’s myself but beleive me if I had something to do.. well, its gonna have to wait. This would be serious shit! Being that he stopped made it very skeptic. Right at the end lights fad as he leaves the mountains. Hmmm not real good vid

  24. TheWiseman97 says:

    why would an alien fly that low into possibly enemy airspace are they un afraid of us or conspiracy?

  25. KokoKolaAzn says:

    I believe in UFOs… just dont believe in alien on earth… maybe they came but why do they come here still? to witness how humans are with no tacos?

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