best Ufo evidence ever seen

this is real, for more information email me to
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  1. jgbloyd says:

    it’s oxymoronic to have evidence that something is unidentified. your title is what is most peculiar about this upload.

  2. Bilsabob says:

    group of motorcyclists?

  3. 9470pato says:

    Estos son foofighters

  4. rubriklitanea says:

    wow you are lucky…i wish i could see them in front of my eyes…ive seen falling stars and comets but not yet aliens…its like they were obeserving us esp at night and they dont care if we see them…

  5. jeep8778 says:

    @a55kika18 or motorcycles

  6. TsDreaMz says:

    i know this is in north ccarolina but scientist beleive these are caused by some magnetic compounds in the air

  7. yetibiker08 says:

    Those are motor cycles riding down the road during a tour up the mountain, come on people!

  8. antonab1 says:

    @ThereelFrankiedude At first I thought they were cars on a road but if you use the tree as a reference point you can see the lights pass the tree at different points. So unless the road splits up I would say they are flying.

  9. bernuga says:

    heart is the aliens ZOO.

  10. starfleetx1 says:

    where is this?

  11. ThereelFrankiedude says:

    these a car going down a road in the mountain

  12. Mayazdad says:

    From a military background, and someone who has trained extensively with military helicopters, we would’ve NEVER. performed such an excercise over a city. It’s just not done. Furthermore, I don’t know what kind of “operation” that was supposed to be – it didn’t appear to have any recognizable purpose. Thirdly, the lights don’t resemble any type of aircraft lights that I’ve ever worked with.

  13. kiuhy8 says:

    classic clip.

  14. spikeychops says:

    Chopper formation..possibly military training in mountainous night flying. You can see them side on, as they cycle back underneath the lights, turn towards the observers position and the lights are head on, so brightest. Then they turn left and peel off one by one, we are now looking at their right sides, and so the light is dim, because it’s not pointing straight at the camera.Then they cycle back underneath the others, rejoin on the left, and repeat the formation and peel off exercise again.

  15. scheming8rythem says:

    i saw one of those when i was picking up my friend at his girls house it flew north to south dead silent and bright as a star

  16. Doddzi0130 says:

    @Raptor958 so is your mama

  17. goforitrandy says:

    I like this video if you want to hear some NEW information on a 1940 Alien encounter that was BIGGER than ROSWEL then Check out my NEW vid “The UFO & ALIEN Chronicles” ………MUST SEE VIDEO…

  18. PICLex says:

    Hardly accelerated, they were going real slow. Dont know what they are. Need to get some big ass camera with all sorts of hi tech shit on it, so next time it happens u can get the dirty on it. :)

  19. gnarlyb says:

    @PICLex can any helicopters shine like that? and how did they accelerate like that after hovering stil??

  20. MsSheenaB83 says:

    My boyfriend and I had seen similar lights off the Tybee Island, GA coast line on April 22nd, 2010. We have been looking for videos to see if anyone caught it , because our camera wouldn’t pick it up. We were talking about God, the supernatural and the possibility of other life forms past our universe and how small our world was and these lights began to dance in the distance. It started with 1 then it was 8 of them, dancing about. as one went off the other came on, just like here.

  21. drec4life says:

    @MrNaturerune fact or faked is one of the lamest shows i’ve seen, bunch of libral educated morons, who conduct the worst experiments i’ve seen. not believable at all

  22. MrNaturerune says:

    could be anything, its right over top of a city

  23. MrNaturerune says:

    fact or faked already debunked this as being weather balloons :

  24. atomdragon4 says:

    Some kind of portal?

  25. CristianTorrent says:

    She said she “saw them last year, the same”

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