Best UFO Cases Caught On Tape

Updated and expansion of popular TV Special never available on DVD with new exclusive UFO footage and analysis.


  1. paLLfuckaLL says:

    @osirislover1 control my ass lol. ppl nowdays can’t even control their kids and their pets

  2. 1bloodmanchester619 says:

    @edvinkin too right

  3. KaPOWitsCHRIS says:

    The way he said Derby made me chuckle. It’s said Darby :)

  4. warwick2155 says:

    Thank you for uploading this. been looking for this particular show for sometime

  5. zolo643 says:

    If they film these thing all the time WHY dont they get a better camera???

  6. p90xsteroids says:

    @osirislover1 just like when the teabaggers reacted to obama being black

  7. joeovfev says:

    First they add fucking ads before the video starts now theres 4 during the actual video

  8. edvinkin says:

    I’ve experienced several ufo cases during the last 12 years. It’s not rare. If you got habit to keep an eye on the sky, you will see it very often.

  9. BlackDraven666 says:

    people need to see the truth….especially when the evidence is right in front of their faces!! i think these are the beings our ancestors worshiped as gods….and as the ones who shaped our civilization….Some were trying to nudge us in the right direction as a species, and some of them are the “Demons” we were warned about….its all connected!!! Open your eyes and start asking questions about the truth…BILLIONS of people on this planet…Someone knows something!! DEMAND THE ANSWERS!!

  10. basslightning1 says:

    i must be hungry 19:33 looks like hamburger

  11. bflow1988 says:


    lol or maybe in the future people vacation in time and what we are seeing is just families coming to visit our century

  12. BluntedKillah says:

    @R3DLIN3electronica :)

  13. isiseys says:

    im so happy there are alians

  14. 47reptile says:

    every time this guy says craft it sounds like crap wtf dould

  15. SuckDeezNutzBitch says:

    To say we’re the only intelligent life in this endless universe, proves us to be quite the opposite.

  16. R3DLIN3electronica says:

    38:00 thats not a ufo its the sun changing its hat :)

  17. s185048 says:

    if its not made by humanbeings
    absolutly ufo

  18. NekoChan628 says:

    @rickkmurray Nah one landed in Russia too.

  19. Kubex1212 says:

    And then when they show slow motion at 5:41 you can see it better and then in 5:43 there is another very fast object flying from down left corner

  20. Kubex1212 says:

    Look at 5:38 When he says “Moving silently to the right…” there is another object moving very fast from the left to the right!

  21. GuitarSaver says:


  22. HotToastedBread says:

    @HotToastedBread Or, another race from another planet doing the same thing, considering that UFOs and things have been occurring for a long time.

  23. HotToastedBread says:

    Here’s something interesting to think about. It was in the paper a while ago that they had managed to manipulate time and send something tiny back in time, but only to the point on when that time machine was created. Who’s not to say that things like the paranormal and ufos aren’t echoes through time, and that what we’re seeing is actually ourselves from the future, from another planet coming back to reassess how we can save the earth, or discover things that we once missed?

  24. HotToastedBread says:

    @osirislover1 Or it may be that we will never learn the truth, as many people would be very disturbed over such a radical change. It would completely challenge evolution and what we had taught ourselves subconciously. It would probably make us incredibly ill so… how would they do that?

  25. garyperfectone says:

    I lived in Pensacola during these years..they never reported it but one of the guys who claimed to have video’d some of these was found to be a fraud when he sold his house and the new occupants found a UFO model in the looked just like the ones he had reported he got on tape…

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