ARE THEY HERE??? This video has some really interesting sightings of UFO’S. These are sightings and weird phenomenon that has been taking place all over the world, with recent pictures of sightings in 2011! THIS IS AWESOME!!!
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  1. charlotteklompmaker says:

    8:10 look upside down.. looks like a cobra.. ancient egypte gods(aliens) are back. LoL

  2. ImYourFuneralDay says:

    Why does the government have to control all most 85% of the world. Why the Fuck do they listen to your phone calls,I hate taxes ffs and I especially hate the things they keep hidden from the world. If you agree THUMBS UP

  3. skategirl12xD says:

    Wow awesome!

  4. beast8003 says:

    also, that guy on the telephone, he was right to be scared. what he was saying was probably classified above the president and he is probably dead now. if he is, god bless his soul

  5. beast8003 says:

    lets just hope that the world doesnt skrew up and get us all killed…

  6. beast8003 says:

    all i can say is, if the aliens were hostile, we would be gone right now

  7. darksinthe says:

    dunno why ‘are we alone?’ is even a question at all… we’ve seen how big space really is (or what we can see of it anyway). It seems impossible that there wouldn’t be other intelligent life out there. A lot of people don’t want to believe in aliens because it questions their religion though. It also brings up too many questions and people don’t feel secure when they think about things they cannot comprehend or don’t know.

  8. 12Pixielover says:

    I believe in “UFO”s. But that Area 51 Caller just made me scared.

  9. GsBBoyDan says:


    Only some of these are “UFO”s. The first pics are a long exposure of a helicopter and it’s spotlight. The spirals and long trails are all rockets. The isreal one is probably fake. The things over NY are balloons.

  10. enki35 says:


    That is a possibility.

  11. Zitinux says:

    I’m convinced of their exist and I know that the reason we’re seeing so many different types of “UFO’s” is becuase it isn’t just one race, but hundreds of species!

  12. enki35 says:


    Just keep looking up, you just might see one. But know that we see Unidentified flying objects all of the time. It’s the Ships that I want to see. I want to see the ET’S! :)

  13. enki35 says:


    Yes, I stopped the frame at 4:04 and 4:05 and looked at the still frame of the ships on top. They look like ships to me. Check it out, unless you have already done so, (in the still frame sense). Hope you have a great Fourth of July Holiday!!! :)

  14. bartjoboy says:

    That case in Jeruzalem looks real enough for me.. I mean, so much witnesses, different camera angles.. that just can’t be faked!

  15. l33trikimaru says:

    @NickyRenee …. sorry to be a dick but of course they exist its just something you dont know in the sky .. aliens are real though… all across the globe in history, in religion ther has been aliens…. search the relations between religion and extraterestrials its amazing and makes so much sense … if we can exist in the universe ther is no reason they cant! :)

  16. NickyRenee says:

    I think all of these sightings are beautiful. And amazing! I really do think UFOs exist whether all of these sightings are fake or not. This is a well-made video and seeing all these lights in the sky makes me wanna see a UFO for myself before I die.

  17. Mattothee says:

    strange lights could be haarp interfering with the ionosphere

  18. sideshow4114 says:

    @enki35 I’ve heard of them as well. They were supposed to show up on oct. 14 2008 or 2009. I can’t remember but, I was waitin’ lol. That would have been sweet! Man It’s the 3rd time I try and post this and it won’t Post.

  19. sideshow4114 says:

    @enki35 I replied earlier but, it didn’t post it for some reason. Anyway, I’ve heard of them as well. They were supposed to show up on october 14 2008 or 2009. I can’t remember, But I was waiting lol. That would have been sweet!

  20. sideshow4114 says:

    @enki35 Yeah I’ve heard of them too lol. They were supposed to show up on october 14th 2008 or 2009. I can’t remember. But I was waiting. That would have been sweet! lol

  21. enki35 says:

    Check out these people that call themselves the Galactic federation of light. They have some pretty interesting things that they say.

  22. sideshow4114 says:

    The guy on the phone seemed really freaked out.I felt bad for the guy. I know of the extra dimensional beings. Some are good, some not. I also know of the depopulization of our planet. But, Why aren’t the good ones coming to help?We can use all the help we can get.

  23. MrShadow0586 says:


  24. enki35 says:


    I believe that there are Extra Terrestrial Beings and that the biblical references are gathered from texts written thousands of years before, explaining about an Extra Terrestrial race called the Anunnaki. In any event, there is a lot of coincidence going on right now from, the comet Elenin that is coming around this year, I find China stating they received a signal from something behind the comet very interesting and just so happens last week they shut down SETI. I wonder why?

  25. MegaLargemouthbass says:

    well put togeather video, couldnt stop watching it even the guy on the run from 51 wouldnt have said how recently he was let go i dont think.

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