Ancient Mysteries – Stonehenge

The facts and theories surrounding some of the world’s ancient mysteries. Stonehenge is a circle of giant stones in England – but how did they get there.


  1. sonofherne says:

    @sexyrhysie18 Airy fairy, non speak. Please, change the record. So tired of hearing this pretentious rubbish. These people were smart, but they couldn’t build computers or send a man to the moon! They died at 30, infant mortality was high, they weren’t always peaceful as they were just like us! They did things that would have been considered strange and repulsive to us, like excarnation. Thousands may have helped build Stonehenge, but they weren’t all super geniuses.

  2. sexyrhysie18 says:

    @Tobyreinel18 People don’t know about what they had in those days.. they were so advanced .. much more then us today.. they were spiritual.. They had anti gravity which would make things light..

  3. imgoddlike says:


  4. sonofherne says:

    @abarrathemaster .What you see at Goseck today is a modern reconstruction of an early neolithic circular ritual site. Without the modern timbers they would be little to see above ground. Not to say it’s not an interesting site archaeologically. it shows how neolithic people even at a very early date were studying the cosmos.

  5. abarrathemaster says:

    look up the goseck circle, over 2,000 years older than this pile of stones

  6. joe1969812 says:

    fucking opie!

  7. ThePrettyfreaky says:

    I made it…using hip pressure.

  8. dorsetghost says:

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  9. hardmachine007 says:

    :) search a series called ancient aliens.. there are 2 series. explains everything and more

  10. Tobyreinel18 says:

    @hardmachine007 …

  11. hardmachine007 says:

    @Tobyreinel18 probably by some sort of alien technology :)

  12. Tobyreinel18 says:

    Very interesting, but tell me one thing:
    How did they get the stones on top of two other stones? So it would be one stone laying, and being held up by two other stones.
    What machine did they use? The only explanation I can get to, is that they had some sort of lifting device.
    Anyone? Please enlighten me.

  13. Compadect123 says:

    stonehenge was moved there by a witch..
    if you dont believe search this on youtube: alex sanders

  14. sonofherne says:

    @plasingli The y & z holes are evidence that they may still have been trying to add to the henge. They were dug after the stones went up, but were never filled. I’m not convinced that it was entirely lintelled around the outside. I believe changing social/political upheavals followed by dramatic climate change and more hostile immigrants to the country forced the megalith builders to abandon and move away. The religions of the bronze and iron age that followed are very different beasts.

  15. joshmasterr says:

    great video. =[)

  16. ltocadisco says:

    And oh how they danced
    The little children of Stonehenge
    Beneath the haunted moon
    For fear that daybreak might come too soon

  17. plasingli says:

    Technically very impressive — and at least there is mention of the glacial transport theory! But where is the evidence that Stonehenge was actually FINISHED? there is none. It was abandoned then the builders ran out of stones, or maybe ran out of energy….

  18. sweetblame14344 says:

    convince me more

  19. MultiNaton says:

    nice video enjoyed thanks (-:

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