Ancient Mysteries Of The Nazca Lines

The Nazca lines are straight lines, geometric shapes and images of animals etched into the ground by the Nazca people. But why? The facts and theories surrounding some of the world’s ancient mysteries.
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  1. TheAsianDude2 says:

    i know why, its too seal away ancient yugioh cards jk

  2. expoonation says:

    I’m writing a horror-fiction novel about the Nazca Lines…
    Sort of like H.P. Lovecrafts Cthulhu mythos but with Ancient Machinery instead of Supernatural Beasts.

  3. RorshakGaming says:

    @hafizies nah it’s not really my type of game

  4. hafizies says:

    @RorshakGaming oh okay cool. have you played l.a noire?

  5. RorshakGaming says:

    @hafizies rather that than watch tv

  6. hafizies says:

    @RorshakGaming so you play a lot of video games huh?

  7. hafizies says:

    @hafizies are you serious bro? whaaat??

  8. hafizies says:

    @RorshakGaming omg a typo

  9. RorshakGaming says:

    @hafizies it’s ok just think before you comment on behalf of the entire world next time :)

  10. hafizies says:

    @RorshakGaming oh well. who cares anyway. i just dont remember commenting here. im sorry. good day :)

  11. RorshakGaming says:

    @hafizies no i’m just saying how your statement is wrong

  12. hafizies says:

    @RorshakGaming YOU MAD BRO?

  13. hafizies says:

    @hafizies LOL. you mad?

  14. hafizies says:

    im sorry im stoned. i dont even remember commenting this video. hahaha cheerios

  15. hafizies says:

    @RorshakGaming yeah and also in order to get the evidence i need money to get there. sooo

  16. RorshakGaming says:

    @hafizies oh you mean when theres more likely to be evidence of alien existence

  17. hafizies says:

    @RorshakGaming ask me back in 10 years time

  18. RorshakGaming says:

    @hafizies do you want to back that statement up with anything, evidence perhaps?

  19. hafizies says:

    we all know that aliens dont exist.

  20. jurnagin says:

    Why the lines had to be for aliens, why cant they be for people who lived in another part of world? Man could of flown long before Wright bros planes.

    you have to remember it only been about 100 years and our planes fly like birds almost, that makes you wonder that tecnology is simple, they could of easily flew planes years ago.

    remember we have planes today but less than 99% of world pop can actually build one, and if society break down it would be hard to buy parts to build one,

  21. jurnagin says:

    @EGW250 They could have simply used gravity by lowering blocks in hole and removing dirt from around the completed structure, end of mystery

    People have already recreated stonehenge using that principle, not to mention there are partially completly stone structures in area.

  22. jurnagin says:

    @RTRVII well,all im sayin is that we only see fossils, but the dating method falls like a stack of cards when scruentinized by scientists, a man dated bones from a 2 year old rabbit and it showed the bones to be 200000 years old, They could of had wooly mammonth, or large land animals to aid in construction,

    What im sayin is people get rich making a mystery out of ancient artifacts, we only see these ancient structures cause they are already in natural form therefore lasting a long time.

  23. 1brandwag says:

    I think they gave a good explanation here in the end, to say it’s aliens is hignly unlikely and very unscientific.But makes sense that it could be water ways of woship point, with roads leading to it.we can never know for sure but you have to give it to that theory rather than just it’s aliens, even thought there is no reconrd in it from the Nazca art.but there is record that thye liked those images

  24. princeadeshoga says:

    Welcome to the real disclosure of the real galactic federation as proven in this youtube account.

  25. princeadeshoga says:

    @ObscureRenegade Welcome to the real disclosure of the real galactic federation as proven in this youtube account.

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