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  1. ZinayH says:

    I cant wait to the day I can say I told you so! but till then this country is still hiding the truth!

  2. willister54 says:

    ive watched this documentary like 3 times, completely amazing stuff

  3. Loupland says:

    If they show up, I think i ll be running around my block, cheering and shouting: I TOLD YOU SO! Then who’s the crazy guy?!
    So i kinda need them to show up, if i don’t want to keep being the crazy guy…
    Aliens, if you are reading this… come here… Do it for me please, and my social future.

  4. candyfloss694 says:

    It doesn’t really matter that much if the government are all hush hush. Fuck them, millions of people know what they saw who are reliable sources and clearly not insane or attention-seeking so we don’t need their confirmation.

  5. jaykelvik says:

    awsome :)

  6. plypayj3 says:

    life is in every corner of the universe

  7. LegendOfTheBat says:

    The reason they don’t tell the general public anything is because most people will freak out…

  8. reconz91 says:

    why dont the fuckers just say hello……… why so mysterious

  9. potatoboy9 says:


  10. owencuy says:

    this real we are not alone why hide it we can handle the truth there are worse things than ufos and we already know they are here so theres no secret if we handled bush for 8 year we can handle ufos

  11. oregidqcaj says:

    I have had three different encounters here in canada, until then I was a non believer. The first time I was alone at 3am , and the other two times I had atleast two others with me and all we could do was watch in ah. there needs to be more info out there…

  12. KevinHetVogelbekdier says:

    When will they actually tell the truth?

    Screw “weather balloons”,
    Screw “false alarms”.

    we have the right to really know what we are dealing with.
    one day, the truth will come out anyways.

    Why do governments not open the books?
    Maybe we are not putting enough pressure on them?

    At least i know we need to do something if we want full disclosure.

  13. martenlander says:

    The reason certain people deny the existence of UFO’s and alien life, is because it upsets their world. Their denial preserves their perception of reality. Many people who have these encounters develop a psychosis afterwards and others are drawn towards the phenomena out of curiosity. If Ufology becomes the new religion of this millenium, not everybody will be converted. it is just like any other religious belief system.

  14. SgtToughLove says:

    The guy at 0:40, declaring that Aliens only address people named Bubba is a complete idiot. Not one person in this Video, who claimed to see a UFO was named Bubba. I’d like to punch that guy in the throat …..just one time. :)

  15. thepurplevelvet says:

    Lol if they did say they exist people would be frightned and turn to weapons and kill them and start a war they should tell them slowly so we wont have a universe war ya know peace and love not hate over differences and species:)

  16. joniwifi says:

    pretty much every single government knows about aliens they just dont want to reveal it yet because the people arent ready to hear the trutth but frankly i believe that we as a society are ready for what lies ahead. Aliens are real and it is something we all need to accept

  17. lovosazul says:

    Awesome! * * * * *

  18. lovosazul says:

    Yes, very good! I watched the whle episode in Australia! * * * * *



  20. PeterTheSAGAFan says:

    At 00:44 The great commentary, analysis and intelligence of an exemplary News network, Fox News. Bravo guys! It actually reminds me of a story told by Gordon Cooper, a National hero.

  21. eggheadAKAspensley says:

    If a space craft lands in front of you and you are approached by beings.. don’t worry.
    its only swamp gas

  22. hartistry1957 says:

    Not only are there life forms out there, but there are thousands of billions of them.
    And the odds of one of them able to travel here is staggeringly good. So the next time you talk to your neighbor, ask them: “If you are the one, how was your trip?”

  23. caocoll10 says:


  24. lukeclarke2006 says:

    ‘if these extra tellitrials are so highly evolved how come they only address people named buba who are hunting and fishing’ thats got to be one of the stupidest remarks in living history

  25. KimiKatKK says:

    My dad said he saw a UFO 3 years ago and to this day he still is serious about it! He said it had bright lights and was moving fast but completely silent! He tried to take a picture but it was too bright for his camera! I believe him!

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