Crop circles are one of the things no one can really explain, the government say there hoaxes but that explanation cannot be used for some of the crop circles out there. The links to the videos used and talked about are below The 2 most important crop circles ever – White orbs making a crop circle at Oliver’s castle – East fields 7 minute crop circle – Oliver’s Castle crop circle picture The link to XL D-signs website is below, these are the people who apparently created the butterfly crop circle at 0:58, on there website they show the crop circle and say a team of 60 of them created it, theres no original pictures, no plans, no inside footage and no videos of 60 people working on the crop circle. Anybody could make a website like this, just put a few pictures of crop circles on it and try to pass it off as there own, but you be the judge, if you find any hard evidence that they did make it let me know, thanks – Below is a link to the XL D-Signs video of the crop circle video. It shows nothing, I could go out right now with a bored two mates and a camera and create the exact same thing, check it out – Music made by – Amethystium, Arcus
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  1. 3nlighted says:

    @michaelberryakabez Will you stop spreading bull shit ! These ,are not at all created by Haarp ! Haarp is made for eating up the stratosphere and trying to change the weather. If only you knew…The atom bomb did get their attention because it was a hazzard, wich alot of stage 1 civilisations already destroyed themself because of the Atom. And they have been monitoring us for the past 300 000 years. p3ac3

  2. youneekk says:

    Harold Camping was RIGHT about May 21, click on my channel to see…

  3. michaelberryakabez says:

    the government make them using haarp but did u notice how in about 1940 – 1950 alien sightings got alot more frequent well i believe they saw we created the atom bomb and got their attention

  4. inertialcapacity says:

    lets get over the ‘who makes them’ idiotic question and ask better questions like ‘what are they trying to tell us?’ Obviously their not all made by humans so please move on from that question.
    I myself think the croppies want us to start asking questions about ourselves, that is why they remain mysterious. The first step in awakening is to ask questions and seek answers, and this is what the ufo and crop circles are trying to get us to do.
    And not take life for granted.

  5. CapnDumpsterDiver says:

    Uh, I am no crop circle reader, I am just a normal guy, but the first one thats shown, the one called the human firefly actually resembles a transport ship they use to bring the orb’s down to work an if you look at my channel you can see how the different poitns of the crop circle are actually shown in the video of the one I termed the Mothership. (Its not a Mothership, but a transport craft)

  6. littlemuslimgirl1 says:

    1:27 mozilla FIREFOX 😉

  7. Nintendodude1994 says:

    Also, whoever made that binary code one needs to be given a freaking reward. I have more respect for that than a hundred mona lisas.

  8. Nintendodude1994 says:

    Why is EVERY decent crop circle in Europe?

  9. exposingthemachine says:

    I call then “crap” circles. They are designed to change the morphogenetic grid of an area. They are created from Brookhaven National Labs, transmitted to satellites and then beamed to Earth. They are made electromagnetically and
    imprinted on the pattern of the location. They were not made by our Space Brothers
    They choose ley lines where ELF can be directly entered into the energy grids of the Earth. Sure, you may think these designs look pretty and intricate, but there is a clever disguise

  10. iHateAnime4LIfe says:

    Search for “5 Myths that people dont realize are Admitted Hoaxes” and see for yourself that the original 1970s crop circles was just a hoax HOWEVER the next crop circles was not their work.
    Please thumbs up so that people may be aware

  11. ZiorSamuel says:

    SEVEN SEVEN SEVEN TRUE = 777 in x3
    TRIPLE SEVEN IS GOD WORD = 777 in x3
    YAH IS THE TRIPLE SEVENS = 777 in x3
    YEHOVAH IS TRULY GREAT = 777 in x3

    A=3 B=6 C=9 D=12 E=15 F=18 and so on all the way to Z in multiples of 3. Add it up for yourself.

  12. DuffMan6I7 says:

    @emiliob7878 i agree, but i never go with any answer just because it’s easier to believe. since i already believe that there are other forms of life that exist in the universe, the crop circle debate isn’t so important to me. i have been reading a lot about our ancient civilizations, and most (if not all of them) wrote about “gods”.. real beings who looked like humans, that came from the sky to teach. they even described the clothes that they wore. i don’t think they made these stories up.

  13. ashleighjohn says:

    Those crop circles was maked by the movie chicken little

  14. emiliob7878 says:

    @DuffMan6I7 an extraordinary claim needs extraordinary proof… human hypothesis is simpler.

  15. 1971SuperLead says:

    The human butterfly is an obvious fake. The tire tracks would vanish where the wheat was flattened. Well, to some degree at least.

  16. aniki91344 says:

    @ChannyLY Well, until we catch them red handed with some proof, I’ll remain somewhat skeptical. With enough people (I’m talking hundreds) and artistic directing, it seems possible to do large sale intricate designs.

  17. DuffMan6I7 says:

    @GsBBoyDan found the video this time. if this TV show aired in the netherlands then why did it take 5 months for someone to point it out? it’s good enough to keep me reading, but i would like to see more proof of them actually forming it if the footage exists.

    this is quite a feat, even for 65 people working together. i am skeptical because sometimes people will do anything to get their name out there (XLDsign) and i guarantee that their name has been searched on goog a whole bunch.


  18. magnaawd says:

    Of course there man made.Attention seeking graphic design students having a laugh at U.F.Ologists expense.

  19. permaveg says:

    @GsBBoyDan Where can i find out about hoax circles having unusual or irregular energies and vice versa, and could you define briefly why you call some ” unknown circles “, im intrigued.

  20. GsBBoyDan says:

    @DuffMan6I7 It’s to get people started.

    Search “Geraldine maakt graancirkel” it’s the first 3 links about it, one shows 6 minutes of the TV show on their website.

    And “eastfield collin andrews” was written by one of the most well know CC researchers, and he shows that they recorded the circle being made, winston keech lied so he could make money off his clips on local tv!

    DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. Fuck what fraud “researchers” say, only trust Andrew Pyrka, Nick Pope, Francesco Grassi.

  21. GsBBoyDan says:

    @DuffMan6I7 These are just to get people started, I could write a whole book on crop circle truth, I used to be a circlemaker and know many other and have done 8 years of my own research along with it, once you actually study known man made circles, and unkown circles, you’ll realize they all show EXACTLY the SAME characteristics, man made circles have shown magnetic fields, and radiation levels, and psychic phenomenon, unkown CC have shown broken stems, mistakes, and no “paranormal” evidence.

  22. DuffMan6I7 says:

    @GsBBoyDan your “evidence” sucks to be honest… there are no facts. i looked up everything you said, there is absolutely Nothing that supports your argument. no footage of “geraldine” doing anything at all, an online interview with 2 assholes in masks claiming that they did it, and some guy showing me a tutorial on photoshop. where is your proof that people did all these circles?

    you accuse people of not having enough evidence, and you lack evidence to prove them wrong. PROOF is needed.

  23. GsBBoyDan says:

    Human butterfly – made by 65 ppl for a TV show, google “Geraldine maakt graancirkel”

    Eastfield was a lie AND they recorded it being made on another cam. google “eastfield andrew collins” Watch /watch?v=GhgEsan2e5I at 16:30

    Bent stems is from gravitropism, not crop circle forces.

    Documented man made circles do effect electronics.

    Search “How to make Crabwood face”

    Balls of lights making a CC is an admitted/proven FAKE, search “oliver castle hoax”.

    Now show some REAL evidence.

  24. momzacksfat says:

    how can there still be doubters.. it would take a site surveyors team with weeks of planning to do this.. and in the dark with no one seeing? thats the thing about em.. no one ever catches people doing this.. even for professionals this would take hours and hours..

  25. ChannyLY says:

    @aniki91344 Ok then, if humans did make it, why dont they prove once and for all that they have made the most complex ones found here on earth, they have proved that they can make them, but they are no where near as complex as the more complex ones. also,researchers find increased EM levels and high pressures infrasound near the crop circles,sometimes, a whole town is left without power after crop circles because of the electromagnetic levels,how would a plank and a rope be able to do that.

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