Alien Recovered By Army From UFO Crash – Roswell 1947

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  1. Boris9496 says:

    This is true video!

  2. wwwITSBOnet says:

    this is no fake

  3. MrEvgeniyAnderson says:

    6 fingers at one hand!

  4. 40of50 says:

    Titipsy, not really. Ray Santilli admitted that they’d shot the film themselves. His claim was that they had seen and bought the film from the original camera man but it got burnt in a fire and that they re-shot it from memory with just a few of the original frames inserted. Much of what was re-included was artistic licence including the silver slabs with the finger slots in them. So, Santilli’s claim could be true but in all likelihood is bollocks. Irrelevant now though as the footage is defi

  5. skrimps99 says:

    The only way to prove this is an actual film from the time period is to identify someone in the film as being in the Army, and in Roswell in 1947. Interesting how NO person’s face can be identified in this video. If someone is trying to insist this shitty video as “Evidence”..Well, sorry sweetheart you are going to have to come up wih better bullshit than this!

  6. titipsy says:

    Ray Santilli bought similar videos to Völker Spielberg. They were unable to proof that these video were authentic and filmed at that time.In addition all images are flured or overexposed… Only Kodak confirmed to Santilli that some films could have been manufactured in 1927, 1947 or 1967. All the other remains unconfirmed. and many details suspect that all is a huge conspiracy, a pure work of fiction.

  7. hoplite46 says:

    somebody keeps blocking it or the film has detreiorated

  8. glenndab123 says:

    You would have to think pretty small to think we are all alone.

  9. ratters28 says:

    Well this i am 100% sure about n u should be to, there HAS to be some other sort of life form out there i meen if u think about how big space is …

  10. BillyWithKelly says:

    Grammar isn’t out there…….

  11. reptilianshifter says:

    There out they’re…

  12. girl411et says:

    they,er out there

  13. ssssskimannnnn says:

    This is real those soldiers are not faken it, Thats the same ET they got in the Roswell Autopsy….

  14. ohburn1 says:


  15. weepaul666 says:

    *they’re* out there…

  16. SuperBobdabuilder says:

    their out there….

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