Alien Invasion,UFO News Dr Michio Kaku Study Suggests UFO Alien Invasions may be Real.

New science is suggesting that aliens may be very real, and that they may not be as cuddly as ET Host Michelle Rodriguez (Avatar, Battle:LA) brings together top scientists, military strategists and writers to dramatize what would happen if and when aliens attacked. Sources: This site contains copyrighted material, the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, scientific, and social justice issues etc. US LAW We believe that our use of any such copyrighted material constitutes a ‘fair use’ as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 USC Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. For more information go to: EU LAW As regards the use of copyrighted material within the European Union. The European Directive 2001/29/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 May 2001 on the harmonisation of certain aspects of copyright and related rights in the information society provides in its art. 5 an exhaustive list of exemptions that can be implemented by the Member States. Amongst that list, the exemption(s) invoked must cover the reproduction and communication



    Kaku (Cocku)
    The professor’s penis is so big when he gets a boner the world tilts and the Earth’s orbit is effected! His wiener is so huge when he gets a hard on the moon is blocked and eclipses occur! The guy’s phallus (when erect) has it’s own gravitational field. It takes twenty-four hours for Cocku to get a stiffy, and he needs a thousand people to line up to give him multiple blood transfusions, for it to work they all have to be beautiful naked ladies with giant mouths and tongues! WOW!

  2. Atheist961 says:

    @FacelessPlanet just ban all the trolls.. am sick of’em

  3. Licmycat says:

    He’s a smart guy. And yes, it’s true. They are real.

  4. IndigoEric says:

    They could have destroyed us thousands of years ago if they wanted to. Stop the fear-mongering. They are here in peace, it is us who turn everything into malevolence, hatred, and war. Once we as a whole open our hearts and minds, they will land, and it will be a glorious long awaited reunion with our brothers and sisters.

  5. cochinada01 says:

    It’s completely obvious they are desperate to push the agenda of global government and as if the global warming scam and financial collapse were not enough they are now recurring to fear mongering of an alien invasion. Ironic because for so many years alien existence was simply denied all over the world but now it serves a higher purpose and as such it must come to the front pages. It’s not by chance that we are seeing more and more UFO’s testimonies and footages.

  6. FacelessPlanet says:

    Sorry Folks TONYLOVESU has insulted several people on this thread and has been banned from our channel. If you would like to respond to his comments, i suggest visiting that channel to continue your discussion.

  7. meglomaniac666 says:

    @TONYLOVESU actually the germans developed this technology. the reactor Die glocke is not in fact a saucer it is the reactor for Haunebu. in this video you will see vril 2 and haunebu discs. I designed a few RFZ machines myself.

  8. meglomaniac666 says:

    also posted images of vril interesting.

  9. meglomaniac666 says:

    ummm with the nuclear silos…they been studying us :- bring on Sigrune m/

  10. TONYLOVESU says:

    @CosmicTopSecret With regards to space travel… I can’t say that I’d agree with you. Creating a new engine capable of travelling such vast distances within a time frame that would have the occupants of the craft actually remain alive when they arrived at their destination, is a thing of science fiction. A century isn’t going to change anything drastically, believe me, with regards to space travel at least.

  11. jibaritobueno says:

    @TONYLOVESU I knew you were the type! You don’t address any arguments that you don’t have a rebuttal to, you resort to name-calling like a 5th graders, and you provide no references to support your opinion. Typical! I understand that we all vary concerning intellect. However, I’m immune to your ilk, which is why this will be my last response to you Tony. You have a good one. :-)

  12. TONYLOVESU says:

    @jibaritobueno You complete tool… In 100 years mankind will still be struggling to set foot on Mars. Mark my words. What a complete tool you are. Interstellar travel in 100 years lmfao. You tool.

  13. jibaritobueno says:

    @TONYLOVESU Also, did you know the Stealth bomber was invented in the 50’s? This is the most advanced aerial technology known to the public today!!! Invented almost 60 YEARS AGO!!! If you’re not intelligent enough to comprehend or digest the significance of this, then this conversation is irrelevant.

  14. jibaritobueno says:

    @TONYLOVESU Tony I would entertain you, but you have no idea what you’re talking about. I was in the military and selected by the special assignments branch of the Pentagon. I’ve worked in some very highly secret installations. It’s my experience and I know what I’ve seen. Furthermore, do the math. Your little cell phone would have been worth $100 million dollars 40 years ago. Now it’s nano-tech, stem cell, and cloning. Just imagine in 40 more years..Law of Accelerating Returns..look it up.

  15. CosmicTopSecret says:

    @TONYLOVESU That is not necessarily true. If you understand the Law of Accelerating Returns which explains the exponential growth in technology, then we are likely to advance over ten times more, technologically, in the next 100 years than we did in the last 100 years.

  16. TONYLOVESU says:

    @MrNibiru10 I know this much… I’m conversing with a simpleton over the internet.

  17. TONYLOVESU says:

    @jibaritobueno We won’t see interstellar travel within 100 years. As it is, NASA and other space agencies around the world are struggling to discover a way of getting to Mars and back. Maybe in 100 years we’ll get a manned ship to Mars, but to the next star system… You’re having a laugh.

  18. jibaritobueno says:

    I disagree with Kaku. Why would other intelligent life have to be a million or thousands of years ahead of us? I’m not saying that it’s possible, but I think if a civilization is 100 years more advanced they would be able to travel interstellar based on our own technology and its advancement.

  19. MrNibiru10 says:

    @TONYLOVESU – Come and say it to my face you dumb fu*k, you have no idea who your talking to.

  20. TONYLOVESU says:

    @MrNibiru10 – Shut up you frickin idiot.

  21. MrNibiru10 says:

    yep fake alien invasion all based on the evil elites plans to begin the new world which will fail. but we all know its done by project blue beam,.

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