2473 Martyrdom is the supreme witness given to the truth of the faith: it means bearing witness even unto death. The martyr bears witness to Christ who died and rose, to whom he is united by charity. He bears witness to the truth of the faith and of Christian doctrine. He endures death through an act of fortitude. “Let me become the food of the beasts, through whom it will be given me to reach God.”271 2474 The Church has painstakingly collected the records of those who persevered to the end in witnessing to their faith. These are the acts of the Martyrs. They form the archives of truth written in letters of blood: Neither the pleasures of the world nor the kingdoms of this age will be of any use to me. It is better for me to die [in order to unite myself] to Christ Jesus than to reign over the ends of the earth. I seek him who died for us; I desire him who rose for us. My birth is approaching. . .272 I bless you for having judged me worthy from this day and this hour to be counted among your martyrs. . . . You have kept your promise, God of faithfulness and truth. For this reason and for everything, I praise you, I bless you, I glorify you through the eternal and heavenly High Priest, Jesus Christ, your beloved Son. Through him, who is with you and the Holy Spirit, may glory be given to you, now and in the ages to come. Amen.273 III. OFFENSES AGAINST TRUTH 2475 Christ’s disciples have “put on the new man, created after the likeness of God in true righteousness and
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  1. IFearTheImpaler says:

    lol at 2:33-60
    happy gilmores slapshots

  2. MrKtaniguchi says:

    u ever had ufo spirit light choke u , or say somebody get close to lord 1 god? y evern care is entertainment i walk into valley dark if lord wants blast away he loves karma all things

  3. Mario88650 says:

    the last footage of an triangle shaped ufo in this I’ve seen befor with my own eyes with out the light show in plain day light with clear skies.

  4. Mario88650 says:

    the last footage of an triangle shaped ufo I’ve seen befor with my own eyes with out the light show in plain day light with clear skies.

  5. steveos111 says:

    what a load of shite. Hollywood can do better

  6. TheNamesJMoney says:

    last scene.. it like just warped away?
    ok im done with this stuff.. il look at it ina year when i can comprehendd ziss shitt

  7. vansndskinnies15 says:

    3:15 a stealth bomber from mw2 lol

  8. vansndskinnies15 says:

    1:25 just looks like a really foggy day at a football field

  9. greatfanofg says:

    @dmari2083 Yeh, its the best but its not real .

  10. Specactweapons says:

    omg 4:00 min no way thats sweet uses none emp teleportation holy crap.

  11. djman71 says:

    the music is in the way why?

  12. dmari2083 says:

    minute 3:09 – No fucking way! If this is real footage its the best ive seen

  13. dmari2083 says:

    wow the nuclear plant one gave me the creeps

  14. superfunfrankenstein says:

    LOL if the last one was real dont you think whoever filmed it would be all OMGWTFUFO?

  15. bullough8 says:


  16. abrooklynnigga says:


  17. boilerheadz says:

    the music make this vid unreliable

  18. mattisreal420o says:

    The last clip with the triangle craft is obviously CGI, you can tell easily just look how clean and crisp the Image is compared to the surrounding city skyline, the skyline shows the bad picture quality of the camera, their is no way that cam can get such a clean And HQ shot of that object. Given the last clip is so fake it discredits the rest of the clips , thus bringing us further away from the truth

  19. Ziggurathss says:

    very nice only 02.14 has been made by a famous graphicus.

  20. ilovety65 says:


  21. charliehockey78 says:

    @N1mfman interesting fact. I believe the mass part has to due with the theory that travelling at light speed would cause any object to gain mass. Am i correct? So a ship or a human could not possibly do it, unless some crazy stuff was invented to intervene some how; but probably not.

  22. charliehockey78 says:

    @dreamzwalker if you know anything you would realize that these pictures of the alien and the workers around the silver disk thingy are because a hacker hacked a computer, turned on its camera (which most labtops have) and snapped these pictures. Someone eventually noticed the computer and turned it off.

  23. screenON14 says:

    yeah last one cant be true, its so false, cmon people,if it was true, the ENTIRE WORLD would know about it, not just a random guy who possibly have computer programs that edits videos and 3D animation makers.

  24. dacman17 says:

    Great video! ….but so so fake. :)

  25. tarmogr says:

    if you want people to believe in UFOs tthen WHY DO YOU PUT A F… FAKE AT THE END OF THE VIDEO?

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