Former Intelligence Officer Speaks Out About UFOs – George Knapp Interviews – September 2, 2011

So I just found out George Knapp is an “i-team reporter” for his local news channel in Las Vegas :) He’s one of the hosts on Coast to Coast AM. ————- “LAS VEGAS — It’s been more than 20 years since a Las Vegan made a splash in the strange world of UFO’s. Back in the late 80’s, a man named Bob Lazar told wild stories about weird craft being tested at Area 51, and his story is still reverberating around the world. Now, another local man has caused a furor among those who follow the UFO subject. He’s a former Army intelligence officer, well known to 8 News NOW viewers, who used his contacts in government to track down saucer rumors. “They are very real phenomena. I think we need to understand this will lead to a different understanding of how the universe is built,” said Dr. John Alexander. Dr. Alexander is skeptical by nature, but not about UFO’s. After many years of stalking the topic through the corridors of power in Washington and the far-flung nooks and crannies of the military industrial complex, the former military intelligence officer is convinced that some of the objects seen in the skies are alien in origin and deserve to be studied. “UFO’s are real and I’m talking about physical reality. There are craft that are seen, balls of light flitting around, to craft — some of them a mile and a half across. They show up on radar and are really here,” he said. But despite his acceptance of the basic UFO story, Alexander is viewed with suspicion and scorn by the

Ghosts, Spirits, and Demons!!

WARNING: This video might shock you, and may even scare you! However this is not my reason for posting it. This video is about just what the title states. It’s about Ghosts, Spirits, and Demons! This video shows clips that are (To the best of my knowing) REAL! You of course may judge for yourself. I posted this video for the people who think outside the box as I do, I’m talking about the open minded folks. This was also posted, to share that these things are real, and live among us. Do not fear them, but know they are real. Knowing, understanding, and searching truth is my cause. Thank you, and peace be with you all. Please rate my video, and comments are most welcome. NOTE to all: I have not filmed these ghost videos myself, I got these clips together edited as a comp. video of the best Ghost & Demons clips I have found online. I never have had a ghost in my home, and most glad of this fact. I have seen UFO’s in my life however! I create videos using the best information and clips I can get, I do not film UFOs nor Ghosts myself. Thanks for your interest in my videos! Peace be with you.
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Notre Dame Stadium Evacuated Twice – UFOs + Lightning Strikes – Sep. 3, 2011

crazyness!! thru and thru. Get a load of this Chicago sports news article: ‘Long, weird day for Irish’ ” At kickoff, the heat index at Notre Dame Stadium was 98 degrees. And that was the least oppressive part of the weather Saturday. The heat spawned two waves of severe thunderstorms that rolled through northern Indiana Saturday, delaying Notre Dame’s battle with South Florida for nearly three hours. “I’m from California. They don’t have thunder and all that other crap,” said running back Cierre Wood when asked if he had ever experienced anything like Saturday’s atmospheric shenanigans. The delay at halftime was the worst, lasting two hours and 10 minutes as lightning struck all around Notre Dame’s campus. That meant each side had to deal with about 120 minutes of downtime before taking the field for a warmups. “Everybody was pretty antsy,” said safety Harrison Smith. “At first we just sat in the locker room, just like it was halftime. Then they kept delaying it, so we took our shoulder pads off, trying to air out — we were all wet. It was almost like a two-a-day for us, so we were kind of used to it.” But, despite the two-a-day feel, it was all new to Smith. “I’ve never experienced anything like that,” said Smith. “I guess it’s part of the game, so, you just gotta go with it.” The other side, however, did experience a weather delay earlier this year. South Florida experienced a lightning delay at its first scrimmage this year in Vero Beach, according to coach Skip Holtz
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UFOs and MJ-12 – Stanton Friedman LIVE

Nuclear Physicist Stanton Friedman is considered one of the worlds leading experts on MJ-12, the code given to an elite group of scientists and military personal set into action by secret presidential order to over see the harvesting and reverse engineering of technology from crashed UFOs of ET origin. After years of painstaking research, this LIVE presentation provides the facts about this secret research group that operates without congressional oversight. UFO Secret: MJ-12 – Do You Believe In Majic – NOW ON DVD IN A 2-DVD – SPECIAL EDITION – Loaded with Bonus Features – Cat# U655 – Go to

UFOs caught making crop circle for the 1st time?

According to Gary King, He had a vision in a dream, to be at a certain place to witness a real ufo crop formation, which he has captured on camerea. Real or not it is a very impressive crop circle that would have taken hours to complete. Question is, Is it Alien or manmade? Carlos Clemente presents information on the experience of Gary King and his experience to witness the appearance of a Crop Circle in England

Roswell UFO Crash Incident Investigated

The Roswell Incident involved the recovery of materials near Roswell, New Mexico, USA, on July 7, 1947, which has become the subject of intense speculation, rumor and questioning. There are widely divergent views on what actually happened and passionate debate about what evidence can be believed. The United States military maintains that what was recovered was a top-secret research balloon that had crashed. Many UFO proponents believe the wreckage was of a crashed alien craft and that the military covered up the craft’s recovery. The incident has turned into a widely-recognized and referred to pop culture phenomenon, and for some, Roswell is synonymous with UFOs. It ranks as one of the most publicized alleged UFO incidents.

Prime Time UFO’S – Unprecedented Media Reports Worldwide!

Subscribe: The video says it all…it’s becoming very difficult to deny, even the most hardened skeptic cannot refute the plethora of gathering evidence.
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UFO Sightings Winner Best UFOs Sighting August 27,2011

UFO Sightings Winner Best UFOs Sighting Most Hit UFO Video! Over a Milion Hits! August 27,2011
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The UFO Vigilantes – Real UFO Hunters – Full Feature

Stunning observations are being made in the skies over Mexico and the world. In Mexico a new group of UFO observers called “The Vigilantes” are equipped with high-tech video equipment and are now combing the skies for evidence with fantastic results. This film is included as a BONUS Film on the DVD: UFOs In South America, 105 mins., Cat. #U693. Go to Among the amazing videos collected is stunning evidence of a strange new unidentified object now referred to as Ebanis. According to UFO Investigators, the evidence of Ebanis suggests that they are gigantic biological structures that behave like a kind of aircraft carrier for UFOs. For the first time in this feature length program, you will see the most complete UFO report on the wave of UFO activity over Mexico that to many UFO researchers is believed to be a real contact point between Man and ET.

UFO Videos – Latest UFO Sightings August 2009 Part 1/7 UFO Videos – Latest UFO Sightings August 2009 On August 13th, 2009 I caught on video camera over 30 minutes of UFO activity right outside my home in Kissimmee, FL. UFO Videos – Latest UFO Sightings August 2009 This may very well be come of the best UFO footage ever recorded. We want answers and I want to get to the bottom of this. I would love to hear comments from everyone . UFO Videos – Latest UFO Sightings August 2009 Recent UFO Blogs that picked up this story UFO Videos, UFO, Videos, UFOs, latest, UFO sighting, august 2009, august, 2009, UFO’s
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