UFO Hunters – UFO Dogfights – 1_1

Military encounters with UFOs date back to World War I. UFO Hunters explores the many sightings by both Allied and Axis airmen.

UFO – The Rendlesham Forest Case – Part 1 of 6

bentwaters1980.com The Rendlesham Forest Incident is the name given to a series of reported sightings of unexplained lights and the alleged landing of an extraterrestrial spacecraft in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England in late December 1980. It is perhaps the most famous UFO event to have happened in Britain, ranking amongst the best-known UFO events worldwide. It has been compared to the Roswell UFO incident in the United States and is commonly referred to as “Britain’s Roswell” or the “English Roswell”. Following the event, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) denied that it posed any threat to national security and stated that it was therefore never investigated as a security matter. Later evidence indicated that there was a substantial MoD file on the subject and this led to claims of a cover-up. Some interpreted this as part of a larger pattern of information suppression concerning the true nature of unidentified flying objects, by both the United States and British governments (see the UFO conspiracy theory). However, when the file was released in 2001 it turned out to consist mostly of internal correspondence and responses to inquiries from the public. The lack of any in-depth investigation confirmed that the case was never taken seriously by the MoD

UFO Sightings Winner Best UFOs Sighting August 27,2011

UFO Sightings Winner Best UFOs Sighting Most Hit UFO Video! Over a Milion Hits! August 27,2011
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Why Is The Government Covering Up UFO Sightings? pt.1

August 24, 2011 CNN MOXNews.com

UFO Videos – Latest UFO Sightings August 2009 Part 1/7

www.EsotericCosmos.com UFO Videos – Latest UFO Sightings August 2009 On August 13th, 2009 I caught on video camera over 30 minutes of UFO activity right outside my home in Kissimmee, FL. UFO Videos – Latest UFO Sightings August 2009 This may very well be come of the best UFO footage ever recorded. We want answers and I want to get to the bottom of this. I would love to hear comments from everyone . UFO Videos – Latest UFO Sightings August 2009 Recent UFO Blogs that picked up this story theheavystuff.com ufoenthusiast.org ufoenthusiast.org UFO Videos, UFO, Videos, UFOs, latest, UFO sighting, august 2009, august, 2009, UFO’s www.EsotericCosmos.com
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UFOs Top 10 Best UFO sightings 2011

UFOs Top 10 Best UFO sightings 2011 on location in the State of Hawaii
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Aliens UFOs Latest Proof Evidence UFO Sightings

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ARE THEY HERE??? This video has some really interesting sightings of UFO’S. These are sightings and weird phenomenon that has been taking place all over the world, with recent pictures of sightings in 2011! THIS IS AWESOME!!!
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The Best of NASA UFO Sightings

The Best of NASA UFO Sightings! Real or Fake?
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The Best NASA UFO Sightings

The most credible UFO sightings from NASA footage. Images from the Space Shuttle showing alien craft using controlled flight and propulsion. Alien craft take right turns, launch into space from Earth’s atmosphere and create geometric formations behind the Shuttle. There is also footage of wormholes, ejecting spiral spores onto the planet, shot in multiple locations around the world.
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