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The Nazca Lines are a series of geoglyphs located in the Nazca Desert, a high arid plateau that stretches more than 80 kilometres (50 mi) between the towns of Nazca and Palpa on the Pampas de Jumana in Peru. Although some local geoglyphs resemble Paracas motifs, these are largely believed to have been created by the Nazca culture between 200 BCE and 700 CE. There are hundreds of individual figures, ranging in complexity from simple lines to stylized hummingbirds, spiders, monkeys, fish, sharks or orcas, llamas, and lizards. The lines are shallow designs in the ground where the reddish pebbles that cover the surrounding landscape have been removed, revealing the whitish earth underneath. Hundreds are simple lines or geometric shapes, and more than seventy are natural or human figures. The largest are over 200 metres (660 ft) across. Scholars differ in interpreting what the lines were for but generally ascribe religious significance to them. “The geometric ones could indicate the flow of water or be connected to rituals to summon water. The spiders, birds, and plants could be fertility symbols. Other possible explanations include: irrigation schemes or giant astronomical calendars[1]” The dry, windless, stable climate of the plateau has preserved the lines to this day, for the most part. Extremely rare changes in weather may temporarily alter the general designs.
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Most People have heard of the Nazca Lines in Peru – an ancient civilsations mystery as to whom created it. Now we have a new Nazca area – in Australia. In the middle of nowhere – 100’s of miles into the dunes – a double dry lake bed – with two waterhole s– there are ‘Nazca Lines’ drawn within. I guess there will be needed much research into what this actually is: Is it a natural phenomenon? I doubt it. On one forum, someone porposed it was animal tracks leading to the water. I doubt it. No animals are that ridgid in their behavior. They may follw behind one another on tracks, but after a long dry desert walk – they will spread out once by the waters edge to drink – and Not drink one at a time! Someone else proposed it was due to thermal mass – volcanic surce below it – hence the fan pattern. However this lake does not buldge to create a fan pattern. There is only 4-5ft differentiation over the entire lake. I have baptised it “Austrailia’s Nazca Lines.” I propose it is the aborigones work.. a sacred site. A celestial type Map, showing their equinoxes and other celestial celeboratory dates. throughout the year. But then again – what do we know about the Nazca Lines in Peru? Nothing about who made the, and why.. Perhaps we need to find some elders in the area that may explain for us. It is RESEARCH TIME! A final version will be uploaded shortly – this is the test site only.

Solving History – Snubbing the Aliens | Nazca Lines

Catch an all NEW Solving History with Olly Steeds this Wednesday at 10pm E/P. For more Olly, check out: Olly investigates the theory that Aliens created the Nazca Lines in the Peruvian Desert.

Nazca Lines Workshop – Blacksmithing in Peru

Teaching basic blacksmithing techniques to over 360 Peruvian metalworkers during a three week period in Huancayo, Lima, and Piura, Peru. The project was sponsored by Aceros Arequipa and went into developing basic blacksmithing skills among the local population using inexpensive tools to create the Nazca Lines Hummingbird Book Ends for sale within the tourist industry. Peru is filled with mysticism, sacred sites, ancient history, and an amazing and diverse land masses which cover the entire spectrum of plants, animals, and climates. This video includes the how-to intermixed with footage taken during the workshops.

Brian Hughes – Nasca Lines

Under One Sky [1992] Purchase his music/DVD
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Atom tha Immortal – Nazca Lines

Atom tha Immortal – Download the album “Son of Slaves and Lords” FREE –
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Philip Day – Nasca Lines The Buried Secrets

Philip Day director producer – In southern Peru lies one of mankind’s greatest mysteries – thousands of giant shapes etched into the desert sands. We reveal who made them and why. Edge West Productions
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Nazca Lines Flight

Overflight of the Nazca Lines, arrived at the airport Maria Reiche, the counter of present our tickets and then pay the TUUA S 20.00, tickets to give our control and our Pilot Corpac leads to the plane and then tell us the tour circuit Nazca Lines, indicates that the duration of the tour of the Nazca lines is 30 m. and also indicates that the flyover will be at the 3.200 level walk and observe 12 figures of the Nazca Lines. Overflights of the Nazca Lines were made in three levels, 2200 feet, 2700 feet and 3200 feet
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Mysterious Nazca Lines, Photographed from a Plane, Peru

Art of the ancient Nazca, only visible from the air, a segment from “The Inca Lost and Found”, afree Intrepid Berkeley Explorer video that features Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley of the Incas, Cuzco, Inca interviews, the search for Andean musicians, Lima, the Nazca Lines, and other parts of Peru. To enjoy all of this film, plus over 30 more free, non-commercial, streaming travel videos from every continent, and still pictures, please ask a search engine for: Intrepid Berkeley Explorer

Nazca Lines – Condor

I share part of my videos about the Nazca Lines. There are a several figures and lines in Nazca and the Condor is one of the most famous line in Nazca. Welcome to Peru – Your friend Jorge Alvarado