Comet Elenin and 18th June UK Crop Circle

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  1. brandonbalistx says:

    far fucking out

  2. 000Winter000 says:

    @GsBBoyDan My pole beans do the same thing if the stems snap over. A thick mass develops around the bend and the plant continues to grow. It’s proof of a plants amazing ability to heal itself.

  3. weedfacelouie says:

    The sumthing different is there somthing n the direction behind like a planet

  4. weedfacelouie says:

    Kinda scary

  5. roryboryalice says:

    @Zoeolivefarm147 Can you explain why humans take animals out of the wild, tag them or insert homing devices & release them? May not be exactly the same reasons, but you get the drift.

  6. ollis123charger says:

    If Elenin will block the sunlight for 3 days everybody will freeze to death in few minutes, have you ever think about that? like a new ice age

  7. Thyalwaysseek says:

    @Pelavitafan Hello and thank you : ) and yes I was the one who broke the story about Mensur’s paper with the help of one of my great subscribers. Peace.

  8. Pelavitafan says:

    @Thyalwaysseek Thanks for that eloquent and classy comment. Finally someone like you took the moral high road instead of responding in the same foul, ignorant way. The video is astounding. Were you the one that posted Mensur Omerbashich’s technical paper and breakthrough. I have a geophysics background and I was totally in a jaw-dropped state. Someone finally verified it and didn’t get squelched! God bless you!

  9. rocknhdsocal says:

    I want to clear one thing before I get swamped by haters IM! I believe 100 % that most crop circles are done by something from elsewhere But, In these times of manipulation & control I think we best be not so quick to judge! and watch who we trust and where we step!

  10. rocknhdsocal says:

    Hold on a minute…. What is this crop circle telling us? or is it now, our government spinning our wheels to confuse us! I think if something were to be comunicating! could be much clearer than copying something that we know, and says nothing!

  11. Thyalwaysseek says:

    @GsBBoyDan Bullshit, you are your kind make me sick how dare you take ownership of something that is clearly not of your doing. Please refrain from commenting with any more of your lies, I have done the research for many years and your sorry arse looking circles are nothing in comparision with the authentic formations so don’t even try with that disinfo. Did you even bother to watch my video on crop circle science? No I can see that you didn’t with the bullshit response you have posted.

  12. GsBBoyDan says:

    @Thyalwaysseek Then you mustnt have seen ALL the documented MMCCs or have gone out with circlemakers and made massive complex ones. Internet research isnt enough with this topic.

    Blown nodes is not evidence. Blown nodes are causes when you bend the stem, and also when the plants are left sitting in the sun, the yeist and moisture inside expands and blow them. Bent nodes are caused by phototropism and gravitropism. No circle made within 24 have shown these, and known man made circles have.

  13. Thyalwaysseek says:

    @GsBBoyDan I don’t think they are made by ET’s and I don’t think they are made by so called “circlemakers” either, I’ve seen the work of “circlemakers” and they look like shit in comparision to the real thing. There are also other ways to tell if the formation is authentic or not just looking at things like the exploded nodes. Check through my vids and look for one called crop circle science.

  14. GsBBoyDan says:

    @Thyalwaysseek They are all made by circlemakers (people) who sometimes create them as messages in the fields (i’ve been one, i know many, and I’ve done research for 8 years). Don’t think just because it’s a message that it’s from aliens.

  15. annaethoms says:

    left and right could be Saturn and Jupiter

  16. AizenSamaKingX says:

    @Thyalwaysseek Breaking news. Go to yahoo news. NASA will intercept a giant asteroid called “Vesta.” Isn’t this intriguing. It is spherical. Could this be asteroid 2005 yu55? NASA said they will intercept a “dwarf planet” called “Ceres” in July 2012. Silly U.S. government. This is INASA. Inner Nasa. I found an interesting youtube channel everyone will like. It has information I have never heard of.

  17. Thyalwaysseek says:

    @AizenSamaKingX I agree : )

  18. Thyalwaysseek says:

    @GirliqueDownUnder The joke is people actually believing these are all man made…LMAO!!

  19. GirliqueDownUnder says:

    People playing a joke and nutters interpreting it as “fact”…….LMAO

  20. AizenSamaKingX says:

    Thyalwaysseek, these other objects are Honda and Levy. Honda is being depicted as the Blue Kachina, and Elenin as the Red Kachina from the Hopi prophecy. “Comets” Elenin, Levy, and Honda. Coming soon to a town near you.

  21. streetlif9 says:

    is that the Dwarf binary sun coming in on bottom?

  22. vikatu says:

    Please check out my video on comet elenin, honda, and levy.

  23. afergone says:

    If and thats a big if, this is true than I can only be led to believe that its a warning of their arrival. Not that its a bad thing but not to shock us.

  24. Kreneep1052 says:

    What is the date of the orbits shown on the right?

  25. teresab2012 says:

    Many believe that Elenin is a dwarf star (never ignited) which would explain the different look of the one planet/comet. There’s an absence of light in it.

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