Small Town’s UFO Scare Revealed To Be Alien Hoax (Season 1: Ep 8 on IFC)

In local news, repeated “UFO” sightings in Pennington, IL have turned out to be nothing more than a silly prank perpetrated by visitors from another world.

UFO appearing right up in a storm 2011.flv

storm UFO in september 2011
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UFO Filmed By Astronauts Flying Over Hurricane Irene 8-26-2011

Awesome footage taken by NASA Astronauts of a tube shaped UFO flying between the Space Station and Hurricane Irene on 8-26-2011. It almost looks like it was released on PURPOSE! Disclosure can’t be far away now.
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Why Is The Government Covering Up UFO Sightings? pt.1

August 24, 2011 CNN